How to Start an NGO in India: Things to Remember

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How to start an NGO in India is just like opening a registered firm or company. You have to keep everything Transparent here.

Starting an NGO for the welfare causes of human society should be the prime motto. One should not expect a profit in return for the services they are providing. All of the work of the NGO should be transparent and finances should be presented with full transparency.

Let’s explore How to Start an NGO in India in the below given steps.

Steps to How to start an NGO in India:

We have shown the main steps so that you can get proper information for “How to start an NGO in India”.

Step 1: Identify the cause, mission and vision of the NGO

Step 2: Set up a list of the members of the Board of the NGO

Step 3: Decide a unique name for your NGO

Step 4: Prepare Documents of various associations, incorporations and resources

Step 5: Now Get the NGO registered under the Government of India, Laws by any advocate

Step 6: Start doing social welfare and increase social issues awareness

Step 7: You can collect funds for the social causes with full transparency

Step 8: Engage in various social welfare programs and spread the mission and vision of your principle values of the NGO

How to Register for NGO ?

How to Start an NGO in India

There are 3 ways to register an NGO in India. For any kind of registration, you have to prepare well attested documents and submit a pre defined fee for each entity. Also all kind of registrations needs to be renewed after a certain number of decided years. Let’s see the 3 acts under which you can get your NGO registered here in India:

1. Society Registration Act:

In such kind of registration, you have to form a society of at least 7 members. These seven members have to submit their documents of id and address proof and their well-attested signatures. Any new member can be added at a later stage by providing their documents and a small fee with the society registration act.

This kind of registration, needs to be renewed every 5 year.

2. Indian Trusts Act:

For registering NGO under the Indian Trusts Act, you will need at least two persons to participate. Other persons can be added later on with proper verification of the documentation.

3. Company Act

The Registrar of Companies in India has a section 8 provision under the companies act. This can be utilized to register an NGO as a company in India. It will be a nonprofit organization or company with full transparency in its work and finances.

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What is an NGO?

The Full form of NGO is non governmental organisation. It works for the good welfare social causes which can be related to social issues, cultural values, environmental save campaign, child education etc. As we all know these issues are for the good faith of humanity.

Starting an NGO

so anything which is involved in the NGO work is of non profit nature. Even whatever donations any NGO collect are fully transparent for anyone to verify. An NGO usually connects more social workers with it and performs tasks which are for the good faith of human race. Also it brings out public and social issues in the limelight in front of the government so that it can be sorted out as soon as possible.

An NGO is a non-profit organization, which works for the social causes and issues with full transparency.


How to Start an NGO in India can be easily understood with our provided article above. Follow the steps and register your desired NGO for the good of humanity.

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