Savita Bhabhi Comics Top 12 Facts

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Savita Bhabhi Stories and Comics was started by Punit Agrawal in the year 2008. Punit Agrawal is a United Kingdom(UK) based Indian NRI. At that time he made a website by the name and started posting Savita bhabhi stories on it.

Savita Bhabhi Comics

Savita Bhabhi Stories Videos

Although these comics and Savita bhabhi stories are banned by the government, a different version of this comics with modern look is released by different video content creators on youtube. Savita Bhabhi stories and videos are quite famous on youtube and have gained millions of views. Let’s check it out:

Savita Bhabhi Comics Popularity

A large number of people who were interested in extra marital relationships, liked this savita bhabhi comic series very much. The main plot behind the story of this comics was the flirty nature of savita bhabhi with other men.

Savita Bhabhi Comic

The popularity of this comics can be guessed by the fact that about 30000 people registered on this website within the 180 Days of website launch.

Savita Bhabhi pdf

Savita was a married woman in the Savita bhabhi stories and comics and she loves to hang out with other men, no matter they are married or unmarried. This website’s popularity was growing like a rocket at that time.

Savita Bhabhi Free

The huge fan following of this cartoon was growing rapidly day by day that people started searching for it in their private time. The popularity was so intense that it was the highest search comics of 2009. The monthly subscription fee of this comics was 25$ at that time in 2009.

Free Episodes Fact

The main cause of the super popular cartoon magazine was the boldness of a married woman. Savita was represented in a dark red saree in the comics and the pictures were presented in the hottest way possible by the artist.

Savita Bhabhi Episodes Image

Savita Bhabhi Stories Free Episodes went viral and people started enjoying the story of flirt nature of married woman.

Why Indian Government Banned Savita Bhabhi Comic?

Indian Government banned this comic in the year 2009. Many people were not happy with the government decision at that time as fans of this comic started to connect their desire with it’s story very well.

Savita Bhabhi Cartoon

Some people said that it was a wrong decision as this was only cartoon comics for the mature audience. They believed that it was the break on their freedom of expression. But let us tell you that by that time in 2009, approx. 1.5 Crore people were registered on that website as a member.

Although there were few people who supported the government’s decision and said the ban right. This mixed opinion was there in the media but on the other half side of the coin, now Savita bhabhi stories pdf were in demand by people after the ban.

Savita Bhabhi Cartoon

Few people started selling the savita bhabhi pdf in the colored format. This also went viral on the internet. The artist house of this comics was by name kirtu.

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Return of Savita Bhabhi Comics

The ban on this comics series turned into a debate. This results in the conclusion that according to IT Act 2000 amendment, the government had no rights for banning this website. By this fact, this Comic made a return on the web.

Now the new look of this website was more bold, hotter and appealing. Around 2 Million people were the part of the website when it made a return.

Savita Bhabhi Stories

After the ban, the makers of this comics series launched various new episodes and they were quite bold. Even the film shooting was done in Goa in the story of comics and it went viral.

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The government again tried to control the situation, but since this website was operating from the United Kingdom, no actions could be taken directly. From time to time, the government kept on banning this website, but they again start their website with a different name and with all previous content.

How they Manage their Data and Servers?

According to media sources, since this website has a huge traffic, they host it on cloud servers. cloud servers are used to operate heavy traffic website.

Their servers are in United States and Europe. They can easily take backup and transfer their website, when any of their website is banned by the government.

Desi Bhabhi Web series in Trend

Kavita Bhabhi

Since the content creators has already seen the popularity and craze of the these episodes. They started making different kind of Desi Bhabhi Video content. With the support of OTT platform, content creators have launched different kinds of desi bhabhi video Webseries also. Recently Ullu OTT platform has released Kavita Bhabhi Web series.

Hunterrr Movie Similarity with Desi Bhabhi

Hunterrr movie was released in the year 2015, this movie also has a character of Desi Bhabhi. In this movie also actress Sai tamhankar played the character of Desi Bhabhi which is quite similar to savita bhabhi stories.

Hunterrr Desi Bhabhi

This film also faced the copyright controversy for the bhabhi thing. But later on things were shorted as per the media reports.

Mastram Movie Controversy


Mastram movie has a deep connection with savita bhabhi. In 2014, Mastram movie was launched in the Indian Cinema. It was a fictional biography kind of film. This movie was directed by Akhilesh Jaiswal. Anshuman Jha was the lead actor in this movie. The controversy started when, the savita bhabhi movie producer sunil bohra filed a copyright on the makers of mastram for using the name savita as a character in the film.

According to Sunil Bohra, the character savita in the movie mastram was represented as Desi Bhabhi. Which is a clear presentation of savita bhabhi according to him. No further actions were reported in the media news of this copyright claim. There are many talks in the Bollywood that soon there will be movie on savita bhabhi too. But let’s see who steps into this controversial Desi Bhabhi Story.


It is a fact that Savita Bhabhi Stories and Comics is into controversies for a long time. But one can’t ignore the fact that Savita Bhabhi Stories are still read by it’s fan either by their collection or by any medium on the internet. I hope you liked the 12 facts explained about this comic series.

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