NASA Explosion Space X Starship Burst Into Flames

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Disastrous Footage from the NASA Which Showed that One of Space X Starship Prototype Rockets turn into the fireball and later surround with Flames, However, this was the huge rocket, and in order to carry the human and almost 100 tons of cargo to the moon and Mars, it was designed, and it was not fully prepared yet and undergoing the testing phase when this incident took place.

This incident took place just before an hour of the Elon musk space company launch, where they deployed two NASA astronauts into space, this was too dangerous and it destroyed the prototype of the rocket at SpaceX Boca Chica Site.

NASA Live Stream Became the evidence of this and in this video, the explosive moment recorded during the test, and the Space X was trying to test the Pressurized test on this starship rocket, as they ignite the engine all of sudden the Rocket turned to smoke and gradually burst into the flames.

Video Credit: Express.Co.Uk

However there is no sign of the injuries, and police had closed the highway, and Start the emergency flashing light from the site just after the blast.

Later the place turned to the thick white and black smoke and along with some kind of liquid that is still unclear what that was.

The Space X founder and CEO Elon Musk Came up with the $30 Million Incentive Package for his own company to launch the first commercial rocket launchpad which located on the Five Acres, and based in the Hawthorne, Calif.

News About this incident remained less, but some users shared some pictures on the Social media platform like Twitter and it has been seen that fluid Coming Through the Destroyed Rocket.

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