How do EMV chips enhance security at PoS terminals? Unravelling encryption protocols

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Recently, there has been a significant increase in financial fraud and payment security concerns among people. To counter this, many businesses have started implementing EVM (Europay, Mastercard, and Visa) chips in their PoS terminals to enhance payment gateways. EVM chips use advanced encrypted protocols to ensure the safety of financial transactions. 

These protocols work by encrypting the data and generating a unique code for each transaction, which makes it unattainable for cyber attackers to access sensitive information. EVM chips have proven to be a highly secure payment method, and their use has become increasingly prevalent in the industry. This blog aims to provide you with detailed information about how EVM chips enhance security in PoS terminals and the protocols that make them a reliable payment option.

How do EMV chips at PoS terminals work?

EMV chip technology is a powerful tool that can protect you from financial fraud. By encrypting your payment data and constantly changing it over time, EMV chips make it incredibly difficult for fraudsters to clone your cards and complete transactions without your physical presence. It is why EMV adoption has become a global trend, with liability rules pushing for its use in many countries. 

Thanks to EMV technology, shopping is becoming more secure worldwide, even for those using older cards. By generating unique codes during transactions, EMV chips add a layer of protection against fraud, even if your card is stolen. So, if you care about the safety of your finances, make sure to use an EMV-enabled card for all your in-store transactions.

Benefits of EMV chip technology at PoS terminals

EMV chip technology is a secure and reliable payment mode that is widely accepted in many different countries. It offers consumers a range of payment options, including contactless, mobile and online payments, making transactions more flexible. 

These chips are designed to be highly resistant to tampering and duplication, making them much more secure than magnetic stripes. Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits:

  1. Enhanced security and authentication: EMV transactions at PoS terminals ensure secure and authenticated payments, significantly reducing the risk of fraud by employing advanced encryption and authentication protocols
  2. Liability shift with EMV reader installation: Installing an EMV reader at PoS terminals transfers liability to the card issuer in case of fraud, shielding merchants from potential losses and incentivising the adoption of secure payment methods
  3. Consistent and secure payments: With the widespread adoption of EMV cards, merchants using PoS terminals can rely on consistent and secure payments. It fosters trust among customers and enhances the overall payment experience
  4. Seamless international transactions: EMV’s global standard enables international customers to use their cards seamlessly at PoS terminals. It promotes convenience and accessibility in cross-border transactions
  5. Offline operation capability: EMV systems at PoS terminals can operate offline, leveraging the microprocessors in the cards for transaction and cardholder verification. It ensures smooth transactions even in areas with limited connectivity
  6. Revenue opportunities with chip card payments: PoS terminals that accept chip card payments offer additional revenue streams through direct transmission of marketing offers and loyalty programs from the merchant to the card. It enhances customer engagement and loyalty

Why should merchants choose PoS terminals with EMV chips?

EMV chip technology brings multiple benefits to merchants, including reduced liability for fraudulent transactions and enhanced customer satisfaction. Accepting EMV cards can draw in more customers and boost sales opportunities for merchants. These chips offer heightened security, convenience and flexibility for customers, enabling merchants to provide tailored services and attract a wider clientele.

Enhancing PoS security with EMV chip technology

EMV chip technology has become a necessity for businesses and consumers using PoS terminals. Its advanced security features and compatibility are crucial in combating card fraud. To stay ahead, it’s essential to stay informed about the latest developments and leverage EMV technology.

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