35 Feet Gaint Whale Found Dead In Mandarmai West Bengal Beach

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Kolkata: A 35 feet Whale Washed up On the Beach In Mandarmani In West Bengal, However, the cause of this huge whale death is still not clear, but according to the sources they said the whale has some injury marks on its tail and body.

The officials of the Mandarmani Police Station and the Forest Department have reached the spot and they are trying to find the reason behind and finding the way to deal with this carcass now.

Locals Found the Gaint Whale head lay in a pool of blood then local start gathering on the beach to see this tragic, what they never have seen before, as Mandarmani Is One of the Popular tourist destinations oN the Bay Of Bengal sea, Which is near to Digha.

35 Feet Gaint Whale Found Dead In West Bengal
Pic Source: NDTV News

However, this is not the first incident where the Gaint whale found similar to this Last month a 40 feet Long Critically Whale was also found Dad In the Gahirmatha Marine In Odisha, and the important thing to note that what also had injury marks on its body.

These whales come under the Endangered Schedule -I species under the Wildfire Act, 1972 In India.

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