How to Use V Wash? – The Ultimate Guide to Use Intimate Wash

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The use of V wash is quite common these days. People usually talk about health products, beauty products, etc. Today we will talk about “How to Use V Wash?”. A lot of awareness and advertisement is also done only for beauty and health products. But intimate hygiene is a subject that is less discussed and advertised.

Intimate hygiene is as important as our fitness and skin health. To maintain personal and intimate hygiene, it is quite important to keep it clean and well cared. It helps us in preventing bad odor, infections, itching and other health issue.

In earlier times, people were using soap and water combinations for cleaning the private areas. Let us tell you that soap is not idle to use in that area because soap can disrupt the skin health of that area and it results in the increase of harmful bacterias. Also, Soap is used on the skin to maintain the pH level of skin only which is across 5.5. But when we talk about the pH level of intimate areas, it is between 3.8-4.5. Any change in this pH level maintenance due to soap can harm you in terms of health.

Intimate Wash Ph Scale

You can use hot water to clean that area and it is also recommended by a doctor. But if you feel that you need more care of your intimate area then you can use intimate wash for this purpose. There are many intimate washes available in the market for women. But since people shy to talk about it, you must have a lot of questions about it. Today we will help to clear your queries.

What is an Intimate Wash?

It is a specially designed formula for cleaning the intimate areas of women. It comes in liquid form. You can buy it from any normal store as a hygiene cleaning liquid. It is provided by various multi-national brands.

How to Use V Wash?

V wash use is quite easy. You can use it at various times while using the washroom. It comes in pocket packs also, so you can carry it in your purse while traveling. To use V Wash, you need to take a small drop at the palm of your hand and apply it to the external private part area. Once applied well, you can wash it gently with warm or normal water. Now pat dry your private area of use with a gentle soft towel.

V wash Use

Who all can use the V wash?

V Wash Use can be done by all the women. It’s a very good product for maintaining the hygiene of your delicate areas. In fact, if you are using shampoo or soap for washing there, stop using those harmful products and switch to any V wash product. It can be used during your periods also to clean the area and overcome the bad odor. Even in pregnancy, you can use it without any worry.

Why use an intimate wash?

The answer to this question is simply for maintaining the pH level and hygiene. Intimate wash can also be useful for getting rid of any bacteria generated infection. It also helps to improve the good environment for the good growth of Lactobacillus bacteria. This good bacteria keeps the private parts in good health condition.

The main thing you should remember while purchasing any intimate wash is the ingredients used in it. Always try to buy the one with natural things used in it. So that it can give you best results.


We hope that now you know the correct way of how to use v wash for personal hygiene. To maintain the overall health of all of our body parts is must for everyone. This ultimate guide must have solved all your queries regarding the v wash use.

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