IGNOU ID Card: Steps for Download 2020-2021

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IGNOU ID Card Download – India’s largest university IGNOU provides us an identity card that is issued by the university administration on our successful enrollment for any course. IGNOU ID Card is mandatory for all the enrolled students if they are attending the college, any event, or exam.

IGNOU University has a study center system. A study center is basically a small unit of IGNOU. Every study center has a unique code which is also mentioned on the identity card.

In this digital era, students of this university can easily download their IGNOU ID Card simply by visiting the website. We are providing the steps below which will make this downloading process easy for students.

How to Download IGNOU ID Card 2020-2021?

For downloading the identity card, you just need to follow a series of these steps.

  • All you have to do is click on the given link below where IGNOU ID Card is written.
  • Now you have to enter your credentials like username and password correctly.
  • Now fill in the captcha code carefully and proceed to login.

Once you complete the above mentioned steps correctly, a dashboard will open. This dashboard will be your student profile section where you can easily find IGNOU digital ID Card. You can view it, save it as a PDF or you can print it as well. The ID Cards of IGNOU are categorized by study sessions.

download ignou id card

Right now you can download January 2020, July 2020 session, and January 2021 session from one place with the following link.
Click here to download the IGNOU ID card (For sessions of January 2020, July 2020, and January 2021).

If you are someone from July 2019 session batch or If you are a student of any session before that then you have to click on the following link.
Click here to download the IGNOU ID card (For sessions of July 2019 and previous sessions).

The link mentioned above will help you to download your ID Card easily. These links lead to the official URL issued by the university itself.

Is It Possible to Get IGNOU ID Card via Offline Medium?

The answer is Yes. If you have taken admission by filling the form offline then you have to submit it to the required regional center of the university. The RC will then issue you an ID Card and the candidate can collect it from the regional center itself. In the second case, you can request a physical ID Card attested by RC in special conditions.

Where You Can Use ID Card of IGNOU

ignou id card download

Your ID Card is the authenticity of your registration with the university. Indra Gandhi National Open University has some special rules where your ID Card can be checked by the administration. Here I am presenting a list of events where your identity card will be checked.

  • While attending the class for attendance
  • When you are submitting your assignments
  • When you attend the term-end examination
  • Practical and viva sessions
  • Convocation events

How to get a duplicate id card in case you lost it?

If somehow you lost your IGNOU ID Card, then you have to follow the simple procedure to get a duplicate one.

  • First of all, you have to write an application about lost ID Card
  • You have to submit this application at the regional center
  • They will issue you a duplicate ID Card
  • You can always your duplicate ID Card from the official IGNOU website.

Your ID Card should be kept very carefully. If you lost your ID Card at any moment, make sure to inform the authority about it. It is mandatory that your identity card is well attested by the regional chairman of your IGNOU regional center.

If you have any concerns about downloading IGNOU ID Card or any other queries regarding it, you can directly contact the administration of IGNOU via an online and offline medium. You can also write an email at [email protected] to get details about your online information.


What is the password of IGNOU ID Card?

The nine or ten digit enrollment number of the candidate is the password for opening IGNOU ID Card.

Can I get duplicate identity card if I lost it?

Yes, you can always get a duplicate ID Card from online portal and from your regional center also.

Is IGNOU ID Card necessary in IGNOU?

Yes, for attending events, exam, practical or viva, it is necessary.

If a online ID Card needs to be attested?

No, It is not mendatory to get it attested if it is online

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