Hey Google which is your Favourite Team in IPL

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Hey Google which is your Favourite Team in IPL – This is the most favourite question for all cricket lovers from Google assistant. Google assistant helps us in providing the most accurate and trusted answers and information. When IPL 2021 will start, then most of the people will be asking about the favourite team of Google in IPL to it. Let’s find out this interesting answer based on the past experiences of Google assistant.

Which is the Favourite team in IPL 2021

Hey Google which is your Favourite Team in IPL?

Last year IPL was watched virtually on TV and scores were checked on Google. And it was the most exciting thing to ask Google about the insights of IPL. Check out the best sports betting sites Sri Lanka.

Way back earlier, people were used to asking their friends and families about favourable IPL teams and the best IPL teams. But now in today’s world, everybody wants to talk to their Google Assistant as they get accurate and researched answers.

Google uses a well-planned information architecture to answer our queries. Sometimes it also provides you with more personalized results based on your search history.

Now, if you will ask Hey Google which is your Favourite IPL Team? It can give you a more personalized answer which you will love to hear. It happens because Google Assistant understands you better than any other human being. For my case, the answer from Google was “Chennai Super King (CSK)”.

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This answer can be different for you as everybody has their own way of liking things and Google understands it much better. In fact, everybody has their own version of Google Assistant to help them according to their circumstances and choices.

In IPL 2021, the trend of asking favourite team by saying Hey Google will remain in trend. I hope, I have cleared the information, analyzed, and researched phone assistant behavior.

How Hey Google works for favourities?

When you start setting up an assistant on your phone, it asks you for many permissions. Along with permissions, it also asks you about your likes and dislikes. There is a Google setting that tracks the “Hey Google” voice searches with your consent. These voice searches return you a desirable analyzed result.

As soon as you get the results, either you go deep into it or you go back from it. By analyzing these behaviors, it guesses our favorites and likings. This advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) system gives you more personalized results. When you search for your favorites, the AI helps the virtual assistant to answer in the right way.

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When IPL 2021 will start?

IPL 2021 will start from 9 April 2021.

Hey Google which is your Favourite Team in IPL?

Google will answer this question according to your choices and AI intelligence.

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