How to Activate BSNL SIM Card – Step by Step Guide

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BSNL SIM Activation: Today in this article, we will be sharing information about activating BSNL SIM Card. Read the full blog to know the process of How to activate the BSNL SIM Card.

Many people are using BSNL SIM Card. So if you have any concerns about How to activate BSNL SIM Card, Just follow the given steps.

How to Activate BSNL SIM Card?

Read below the step by step guide for BSNL SIM Activation or guide on how to activate bsnl sim card.

How to activate bsnl sim
HOW to activate BSNL SIM Card
  • First of all, Turn OFF your mobile phone and insert your BSNL SIM Card in your phone sim tray.
  • If the SIM Tray is micro-SIM size, make sure to remove the size adaptor before placing the SIM inside it.
  • Now Turn ON your phone by long-pressing the power button.
  • Your phone will boot up and it will show the network in some time.
  • Once you see the network is coming, dial 1507 or 123 from your phone and confirm your identity.
  • You will be asked questions like language, identity proof, address proof, etc.
  • Complete the tele verification step as guided.
  • Now your BSNL SIM will be successfully activated and you can start using it for calling and Internet services.
  • You will also receive handset-specific internet settings.
  • Save these settings and your SIM Card will be fully working.

Download guide for BSNL SIM Activation

BSNL Sim Activation

Getting a New BSNL SIM Card

BSNL SIM Card can be purchased by two mediums. You can visit the authorized service center and get your prepaid card from there. You can also get your new prepaid card from local mobile distributors. After this you need a handset to use this prepaid SIM Card . Once your ID is verified and accepted by the company authorities. You will need to do the activation of your BSNL SIM Card in order to use it.

bsnl sim card activation
BSNL SIM Activation

Usually it takes 24 hours to 48 hours for getting a new BSNL 2G/3G SIM Card activated. While filling up the new connection form, you must have provided a alternate mobile number in CAF. This alternate mobile number can also be used to verify your identity.

Once your initial activation is completed, the customers now need to dial 1507 or 123 from their SIM Cards. This will bring you to tele verification step. Once your tele verification is completed and verified, you can start enjoying your BSNL SIM.

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Report Issues With BSNL Card

Activation of BSNL SIM Card

If you feel that you have any trouble in activating your new SIM Card, you can always contact BSNL customer care number 1800-180-1503. This number can be dialed from any working mobile phone and customer care is available 24 hours each day.

More Information

BSNL is one of the largest telecom service provider companies in India. It provides telecom services such as Landline, Mobile Connectivity, Broadband, and many more. It is also known as the oldest telecom company in India. It creates a revolution in the field of connectivity and helps India to develop. BSNL is founded in 2000. It has completed its 21 successful years in 2021.

BSNL Telecom Company

From the user’s point of view, BSNL is performing poorly for few years. Yet, BSNL is like a habit for many people. They use it as a mobile Sim card or some are using it as a landline phone. Remember those days when there are so many PCOs of BSNL, where we used to talk for Rs. 1.

Although, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited is not doing so great these days. This is because the network coverage and maintenance quality is not up to the mark. There are many other big telecom companies in the competition. But since BSNL is a government telecom provider, it will gain its position back soon. The government needs to invest in enhancing the capacity of its server and the advancement of technology.

If we talk about the facilities of BSNL, they might not be the greatest. The economical front of using this SIM Card is still very good. On the other hand, all other companies are making it mandatory to recharge each month with any fix amount. If you do not recharge with that amount, they will discontinue your connection.

Its time for 5G technology and connectivity but BSNL is still struggling with 4G Network coverage issues. At few places its 4G speed is really good but there are still many places where only 3G service and connectivity is provided by it. It is believed that by the mid of 2021, BSNL will be providing 4G connectivity at all places in India.

There are some good sides to using this SIM Card also. If you are traveling across India and you want a SIM Card that catches calls everywhere. Then you should definitely go for purchasing a prepaid BSNL SIM Card. It provides you network coverage everywhere in India so that you can call seamlessly.

Thanks for reading the article “How to Activate BSNL SIM Card“. I hope, I have successfully resolved your query.

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