How to become a air hostess after 12th: How to Apply, Salary, Qualification

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How to become a air hostess after 12th: The air hostess/ Flight Steward job is very trending in India nowadays. Many young girls are showing interest in this job. The salary structure is also very attractive in the Air Hostess job profile. The best part is you do not need a higher qualification and you do not need to spend a long period of training for getting this job. To get entered in this job profile, you just need a diploma from a reputed air hostess institute and a good personality. You can also start preparation just after completing the 12th.

Here question arises “How to become a air hostess after 12th“, how to apply for an Air hostess/ Flight Steward job after the 12th. Read this article, we have covered every single detail of becoming an air hostess after the 12th.

Eligibility Criteria to work as an Air Hostess

  • To be an air hostess, a person’s age should be between 19 to 27 years.
  • The candidate’s height should be between 5′ and 5’2″.
  • There should not be visible tattoos, piercing, or marking on the body.
  • The ratio of weight and height should be appropriate.
  • There should not be any mental illness problem in the candidate’s family.
  • The candidate’s English should be fluent in speaking.
  • The candidate must be eligible for an Indian Passport.
  • Candidate’s complexion must be fair.
  • The eyesight of the candidate must be perfect (6/6 vision).
  • The candidate must be physically and mentally fit.

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Requirements to Work as an Air Hostess

  • To become an air hostess after the 12th, you must have a high school diploma and GED from any reputed institute.
  • A degree in hospitality and tourism will be a plus point in a candidate’s air hostess career.
  • The candidate must have knowledge of basic computer and math abilities.
  • The candidate must be fluent in English. Also if a candidate is able to speak any second language outside of the United States, is an asset in this job position.
  • The candidate must successfully complete a 3-6 weeks training program at the airline’s base site.

Skills required for becoming Air Hostess

An air hostess job is not an easy job. you have to work in a very high-pressure environment wearing a smile on your face. So, to be a successful Air Hostess, you must have the ability to work in a high-pressure environment and you must provide an excellent customer care experience.

For becoming a successful air hostess, you need to first understand the job criteria and how you can meet them. So, here we have presented the required skill set, talents, and credentials needed for becoming a high-paying and successful air hostess.

  • You should not be introverted as you have to communicate with different personalities.
  • You should have the ability to deal with any difficult situation.
  • After becoming an air hostess, you have to work in a group, so you must be organized and focused.
  • You should be kind-hearted to vulnerable passengers such as elder passager, children, and those who are ill.
  • You must have the ability to work under pressure.
  • You must be very professional.
  • You must be prepared for all instant queries.
  • You must be a quick decision maker even in any intense situation.
  • You should be of collaborative nature and ready to support and collaborate with your teammates.
  • You must be of adaptive nature.

How to become a air hostess after 12th?

For becoming an air hostess after the 12th, you have to search for the best and most reputed air hostess institute. You have to complete a diploma in aviation from any aviation training institute for at least 6 to 12 months.

Here we are presenting some of the best aviation institutes from there you can start your career of becoming a successful air hostess.

The best Aviation Institutes for becoming an air hostess

Here is the list of the best air hostess institutes in India for air hostess training:

  • Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training
  • Indira Gandhi Institute of Aeronautics
  • Institute for Personality Etiquette and Grooming
  • Pacific Airways
  • Livewel Academy
  • Ifly Training Academy Indigo
  • Center for Civil Aviation Training
  • Universal Aviation Academy
  • Air Hostess Academy (AHA)
  • Aptima Air Hostess Academy
  • Rajiv Gandhi Memorial College of Aeronautics
  • Indigo Training Centre
  • Bombay Flying Club College of Aviation
  • Jet Airways Training Academy

Air Hostess Training Programs to be an Air Hostess

We have listed different training programs to be an Air hostess below.

Diploma or Certificate Program

Candidates who want to be in the aviation industry need these Diploma and certificate programs. To get admission to these Diploma and certificate programs candidates can directly submit their application forms to the respective universities or colleges. Also, they can directly send messages to them to get admission and complete the aviation training program.

After that candidates are selected by screening method. In this method, candidates are screened for their personality, communication, and attitude level.

There are some colleges and universities that take the admission test. They only select those candidates who pass the admission test taken by colleges and universities.

MBA and BBA Programs

To get admission to the BBA programs, the candidates should successfully pass their 12th-grade board exam. Only then they will be granted the BBA programs. And the candidates who have successfully completed their graduation can apply for the MBA program. MBA stands for “Master of Business Administration”. The admission criteria for the MBA program are management entrance examinations, individual interviews, and group discussions.

Can A Candidate Become An Air Hostess After 10th Grade?

It’s the most frequently asked question “Can I Become An Air Hostess After 10th Grade?”. The students are asked whether or not they can become an air hostess after the 10th or they can apply for the aviation training program. So the answer is no!. To become an air hostess the minimum eligibility criteria is a 10+2 diploma. They need to complete the 10+2 diploma in any respective subjects (Science/Commerce/Arts) with English as a subject.

You can also apply for an air hostess job if your minimum qualification is a 10+2 diploma. If you have a graduation or diploma in sectors like tourism, hospitality, aviation, and management then you will have more advantages than other candidates in this job profile. With such capabilities, you can apply for both national and international air hostess job profiles.

Physical eligibility criteria

Every job profile has some standards for physical and medical requirements. The same applies to this job profile also. You need to be in good athletic shape physically and you should have a pleasing and appealing personality.

If you have a good height then you will have an advantage when selecting an air hostess. There should not be any big medical illness. Since this job profile demands a very active lifestyle so you should not be lazy by nature.

 Salary of An Air Hostess

The salary of an air hostess can vary with the different airlines, they work. Different airlines provide different salary stipends to their employees. It also depends on the type of employer’s airline. International airlines provide you with a better salary package. While on the other hand, local airlines provide you with a comparatively less salary. However, the salary of An Air hostess can be between 25,000 INR and 40,000 INR per month on the basis of an indicative wage.

On the other hand, the salary of air hostesses who are working for domestic airlines can be 50,000 INR to 75,000 INR per month. If we talk about private airlines, they provide a very high amount to their air hostesses. The salary of private airline air hostesses can be 2 Lakh to 3 Lakh per month.


If you are really dedicated to being a part of the aviation industry. Just keep in mind that this job profile requires a lot of commitment, a significant amount of time, and effort. This job profile is not a cup of cake. You have to be prepared for the job pressure more than just an epic journey across the world.

Future Opportunities and Career Options

If you want to be promoted in the aviation industry, you have to be updated with industry knowledge. You have to keep learning and improving yourself with the industry standard. If you are most educated then you can be promoted to a position as a Ground Hostess, Check Hostess, or another airline-related position after working as an air hostess for ten years or more.

Promotions and appraisals also depend on your performance and hospitality feedback. If you are good in hospitality and your feedback from the passengers and staff is always positive then you can have better growth opportunities in the aviation industry. Even some airlines only offer air hostess jobs to those persons who have already completed at least 3 years of their job with any reputed airline.


The profile of an air hostess is really amazing and it has a lot of diversity. We have presented a full-fledged guide in this article about “How to become a air hostess after 12th”.

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