Must-Have Pieces in Diamond Jewellery

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Be it clothes or shoes, we all have heard about fashion staples that one must have in their wardrobe. But did you know that there are jewellery staples too! Especially, the most stunning jewellery option of all times-diamond jewellery pieces. 

Diamonds jewellery is the ultimate fashion statement that makes you feel elegant and classy. Wearing diamonds is a great way to stand out from the crowds while you feel beautiful and luxurious.

So, if you also want to feel unique and special, here is our expert’s take on the must-have pieces in diamond jewellery:

Solitaire ring

Easily the most iconic piece of diamond jewellery, a solitaire ring spells nothing but classy elegance. Whether it is an engagement ring or one that you have gifted yourself, a ring studded with a single diamond always looks attractive. 

There is something about a brilliant diamond studded in precious metal that never loses its charm. 

A solitaire ring can be customised to suit your personality and preference. For instance, the diamond can be as big or small as you want it to be. You can also experiment with the prong setting and the shank style to create that perfect ring for yourself. That’s not all, a solitaire ring is never about just yellow gold. You can even opt for the latest rings in white gold.

Diamond studs

Diamond studs are a must-have. These dainty earrings have the right amount of sheen and sparkle to make you stand out from the rest. Whether it is an office meeting or a formal social gathering, you cannot go wrong with diamond studs. 

Since they are more compact than other earring styles, they make for the perfect choice of jewellery for daily wear. Another plus is that whether traditional or western, they go well with all kinds of attire.

Diamond necklace

We recommend every woman buy at least one diamond necklace. They have a timeless appeal that makes you instantly look beautiful. Diamond necklaces are great for accentuating your features and go with all kinds of occasions. 

You can choose from chokers that fit snugly on your neckline or the more elaborate options. These include twined, miracle plates, or oracle necklaces.

Tennis bracelet

Tennis bracelets have been around since the 1920s when Chris Evert, a popular tennis player, first wore them. At that time, they were known as ‘diamond line’ or ‘eternity’ bracelets.

A tennis bracelet is a top choice when it comes to nostalgic pieces of fine and minimalist jewellery. They can be customised in a variety of settings and styles. You can choose from settings such as prong and prong basket. You can get them made in metals such as yellow, rose, or white gold.

Necklace pendant

A pendant is much more than just an accessory. Just like charms, they reflect the charm and personality of the wearer. They are often said to tell a story or convey a message. Especially when the pendant is set in beautiful gleaming diamonds.

When you go for diamond or gold jewellery shopping for pendants, look for some classic styles like three-stone, solitaire, halo, and the like. If you are looking for something more personal, you can select engraved pendants carved in the shape of your name or initials.

Statement drop earrings

An all-time favourite with jewellery connoisseurs around the world, drop earrings set in diamond have the trendiest appeal. Whether they are free-flowing or static, they never fail to catch attention.

If you want your drop earrings to look more compelling, you can pair the diamonds in them with emeralds, opals, amethysts, or other colourful gemstones. 

Owning any of these pieces will not just make you look stylish but also make you feel more cultivated. Diamond jewellery has an innate quality to make you feel more connected to your personality and these pieces will help you do just that. 

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