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Air Hostess are the female flight attendant employees in any airlines. There job is to ensure the safety and comfort of the passengers who are travelling along with them in the flight. While on the other hand when the flight attendant are males, they are known as cabin crews and stewards.

Details about the Air Hostess Job

According to career and experience, these air hostesses are provided the opportunity to attend domestic and International flight passengers. Air Hostess job role can also be in chartered, military and commercial air flights. It is the Job of an air hostess to greet passengers, ensure their safety and security, provide them useful resources in the flight, etc.

What are the Responsibilities of an Air Hostess ?

This job comes with great responsibilities and duties. Here we are mentioning few duties and responsibilities of an air hostess.

  • Prepare and present flight reports to the captain
  • coordinate with the security for pre and post flight checks
  • Attending passengers and greeting them
  • Help passengers in settling down for the allotted seats
  • Asking passengers to tighten their seat belts properly
  • Giving quick guide to passengers about the flight protocols and safety measures
  • Checking and ensuring the cleaniness, safety measures and meal stocks on the flight
  • Ensuring the double safety of bags and luggage of the passengers
  • Providing newspaper, magzines and refreshments to the passengers at required times
  • Serving food to the passengers
  • Providing answers to the passengers query
  • Making announcements for the passengers on the behalf of the flight captain
  • Providing emergency medical resources and medicines if required
  • Checking the health status of all passengers as safety guidelines
  • Ensuring the stocks of refreshments and resources for the passengers
  • Attending all requests and complaints of the passengers
  • Making alloted seating arrangements in the cabins of the flight
  • Providing extra facilities as per rules to the business class passengers
  • Preparing regular reports about flight operations of the attendants

Eligibility to become Air Hostess

We have listed the required mandatory eligibility criteria for becoming a successful air hostess as follows:

  • Candidate should be 10+2 Passed with at least 45-50% or relevant grade. This minimum passing marks are different for all the institutes.
  • Height is an important factor here. The height should be at least 158 cm and the weight should be according to the height of the candidate.
  • Aspirants who comes between the age range of 17-26 can apply for the training.
  • Aspirant should be good in written and spoken English
  • The candidate should be eligible for the Indian Passport
  • No criminal cases should be there against the candidate

How many Types of Job Roles are there for Air Hostess ?

Air Hostess Job

Once a candidate completes their required diploma or certification course for the air hostess training. There are various job roles for which they can apply. Earlier Air Hostess Job profiles were same everywhere but now a days there are a lot of diversity to choose different roles in it. We are listing some of the popular Job Profiles for Air Hostess and female cabin crew as follows:

  • Air Hostess/ Female Cabin Crew: They are responsible for the all the safety and comfort resources and services related to passengers from starting to end. It also includes checking the cleanliness and maintaining the food stocks reports.
  • Airline Stewardess: This job profile also includes ensuring the safety measures of the passengers and making them aware about it. They are also responsible for serving the refreshments to the passengers at required times.
  • Flight Attendant: They are responsible exclusively for telling the passenger about safety measures. They also attend all requests and complaints from the passengers.
  • Senior Flight Attendant: Their duty is to manage the requests coming towards them and alot them to any flight attendant. They also prepare reports pre and post flights.
  • Crew Scheduler: Basically they prepare and manage different job schedules for the crew and pilots by coordinating with the Senior flight attendant.
  • Crew Manager: They are responsible for all the activities which happens in the flights. They check the attendance of the crew members and monitor thier jobs and duties.
  • Ground Staff: They handle all the queries related to flight, seats, arrival and departure status. They attend all the passengers and resolves all their queries related to flight. They also provide proper assistance for the travellers.
  • Trainer/Recruiter: You can also make a career as trainer or recruiter of air hostess and cabin crew. They are responsible for providing valuable information about attending the passengers, their safety and emergency resources.

Air Hostess Employment Opportunities

In earlier time air hostesses are only hired for the commercial flights. At that time, they had limited opportunities, but time has changed. Now, air hostess has various employment opportunities to choose from as they are recruited in various sectors. Here is the list of the popular career opportunities for air hostess:

  • Chartered Airlines
  • Commercial Airlines
  • Corporate Airlines
  • Air Hostess Training Organisations or Institutes
  • Military Airlines
  • Personality Development Institutes
  • Airports
  • Recruiting Companies for Air Hostess
  • Spoken English Institues
  • Business class private jet attendants

What is the Pay Scale/Salary of Air Hostess?

Air Hostess Salary

There are many factors like experience, aircraft company, recruiting company that decides the salary of a air hostess. Although you can get average idea about their offered salaries from the given table below:

Job ProfileAnnual Salary(INR) in staringAnnual Salary(INR) in mid careerAnnual Salary(INR) at Experienced Level
Air Hostess/Cabin Crew4,30,000 INR6,50,000 INR8,80,000 INR
Salary Pay Scale of Air Hostesses

Which are the Top Recruiting Companies for Air Hostesses?

Now a days there are various companies which are providing job opportunities for air hostess/cabin crew. Few popular companies are listed below:

  • Indian Airlines
  • Air India
  • Go Air
  • Jet Airways
  • Air Asia
  • Singapore Airlines
  • Qatar Airways
  • Lufthansa
  • Delta Airlines
  • British Airways
  • Virgin Atlantic
  • Vistara
  • Cathay Pacific
  • Indigo Airlines

Pros of becoming a Air Hostess

  • The best benefit of working as a air hostess is that you get the opportunity to travel the world at no extra cost. You will not get such opportunity in any job out there.
  • As a staff you also get good discount for you and your family members when it comes to air tickets.
  • Since you travel with new people everyday, you get the chance to experience different cultures and places.
  • It provides you the opportunity to develop your personality automatically. You become more confident in presenting your point and agenda to other people.
  • One of the major benefit is that it opens a great gateway of networking where you get a chance to travel with big business tycoons and celebs also.
  • Free food is the best benefit. You need not to worry about your food and other resources, your recruiting companies manages it for you.

Cons of becoming a Air Hostess

  • It is a very time packed job as flights run every single day for the whole year. For this reason you get very less time to spend with your family and friends.
  • Due to this active job schedule, you don’t even get enough time for yourself , which might lead to unhealthy lifestyles.
  • Dealing with different kind of people is not always easy. Sometimes you have to face passenger’s unfriendly behavior.
  • Since recruiting companies expect you to be active and energetic, so they retire you at very young age. This is the biggest con of being a air hostess.

Top Colleges list to pursue career as Air Hostess

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If you wish to become a successful Air Hostess, you have to follow the above mentioned guide. The institutes and organisations will only provide you training for the Job. The Real Recruiter’s interview will have to be passed by the candidate only. Start your successful journey of a Air Hostess today.

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