Why Smart Door Locks are a Must in Every Home!

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To make sure your loved ones and precious household belongings are safe at your home, there are various home security systems like video door phones, burglar alarms, wireless intercom, anti-theft motion sensor alarms, magnetic door locks systems, CCTV cameras, etc. One among them is smart door locks; just like CCTV cameras, these smart locks have become the most common home security system.

In today’s busy lifestyle, one doesn’t have to waste time looking for keys or looking for a place to hide the keys at home. With smart door locks, you don’t have to worry about losing your keys or making copies of them; you can easily access them from anywhere and send eKeys to your friends when you are not around. It’s the simplest, stylish, affordable, and secure home security system.

Smart door locks are affordable and come with various features like 4 digit codes, fingerprint scanners, digital keys, video cameras, etc. Some smart locks have multiple ways to unlock; they can also be unlocked with traditional metal keys.

As the number of theft and burglary is increasing these days, a smart door lock has become a must-have in every home these days; we have mentioned a few advantages of having a smart door lock for your home.

You can install these smart locks in your present home or in your new home. If you are relocating to a new place make sure you hire the best packers and movers in Delhi or any city you reside in to have a safe & hassle-free home shifting.

5 Reasons Why You Need Smart Door Locks for your Home

  • Multiple Ways to Lock and Unlock Your Home
Why Smart Door Locks are a Must in Every Home! 2

These smart door locks have various ways to lock and unlock your door in a single lock like you can use your traditional metal keys, use a four-digit code, fingerprint scanner, face unlock, lock or unlock via mobile apps, voice control, QR code unlock, etc. This becomes an added benefit for using the most convenient way to lock and unlock your home.

  • Don’t Have to Worry About Losing Keys / Easy Access via Smartphone
Why Smart Door Locks are a Must in Every Home! 3

Most of us have a habit of keeping our keys somewhere and struggle to find them when we are in a hurry. Some of us even make a copy of the house key for a safer side; still, they lose it or misplace it. With smart locks, they don’t have to worry about it; if you lose the traditional key, you have various other options to unlock the door.

  • Send eKeys to Your Friends When You are Away
Why Smart Door Locks are a Must in Every Home! 4

When you are away from your house, don’t make your friends or relatives wait outside your home. Send the eKeys of your home via a mobile app so that they can go inside your home; instead of skipping your work or sending someone to hand over the keys to them.

  • Affordable, Elegant, and Robust

Smart door locks are available in various price ranges (starting from 4,000), with different features. It’s not only affordable but gives an elegant look to your home, which the traditional deadbolt locks fail to deliver. Along with the classy look, smart locks also provide complete security to your home, and they are robust; any burglar can’t easily break into your home.

  • Safe & Convenient to Use
Why Smart Door Locks are a Must in Every Home! 5

Smart door locks have an anti-theft alarm, so anyone without the eKey, or code, tries to enter your home; it will automatically send an alert message to you and the nearby police station linked to your device. Smart locks are very convenient for elderly or disabled people to use, as they can use the face scan or fingerprint scan to lock and unlock the doors.

Smart door locks simplify our lives and make our home a much safer place to live in. We have done enough research and mentioned some of the top reasons why smart locks are a must-have in every Indian home.

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