How to change Upi Pin in PhonePe – Step by Step Guide to change or reset PhonePe UPI Pin

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How to change Upi Pin in PhonePe App: PhonePe is a cashless system mobile app to transfer money online with ease. If you are struggling for the answer about how to change upi pin in phonePe App. we will be sharing the step-by-step guide for “How to Change Upi Pin in PhonePe App?”.

Step by Step Guide – How to change Upi Pin in PhonePe App

Step 1: Open your PhonePe app.

Simple steps for changing upi pin in phonepe
Simple steps for changing UPI pin in PhonePe

Step 2: From the bottom menu, Go to the “My Money” Tab.

Follow these steps to change upi pin in phonepe
Follow these steps to change pin in phonepe

Step 3: You will see payment methods option here. Now select “Bank Accounts” option.

Change or Reset upi pin in phonepe
Change or Reset UPI pin in PhonePe

Step 4: Now you will have to select the bank account for which you want to change or reset the UPI Pin. Also, If you have not set your UPI Pin till now, You will see a Set UPI Pin Option in that case. After selecting the bank account, You will see a reset option for Upi pin.

upi pin change in PhonePe
UPI pin change in PhonePe

Step 5: Once you have selected the reset Upi pin option from the above step. You will be prompted to enter the last six digits of your Debit/ATM card. Enter these numbers and then you have to enter the expiry date of your card.

If your card doesn’t have a expiry date then you can enter 00 in the month’s column and 49 in the year column. After entering these data, you have to click on continue button.

Change or Reset Upi Pin in PhonePe
Change or Reset UPI Pin in PhonePe

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Step 6: Now you will receive a OTP on your registered mobile number. You have to enter the OTP code and the new UPI pin for this particular bank account. Now click on Submit Option to proceed.

Change UPI Pin in Phonepe
Change UPI Pin in PhonePe

Step 7: You will receive a successful confirmation message on your registered mobile number. These simple steps you can follow for resolving your query “how to change UPI pin in PhonePe App.”

Now you can make any transaction, send or receive money from that particular bank account with the help of new UPI pin.

Upi Pin changes successfully in phonepe
UPI Pin changed successfully in PhonePe

How To Set UPI Pin In PhonePe?

PhonePe app has covered Indian Market with big difference when compared to other apps. The main reason for it’s super popularity, is it’s speed and ease of use. Here, we have mentioned the step by step process-flow of how to change upi pin in PhonePe. But sometimes, people also wonder about how to set upi pin in phonepe app. To answer this reuqirement or query, i will suggest to follow the aboved mentioned steps till step 4.

In step 4 in the above mentioned guide, you will find a reset button only if the pin is set already. But if the pin is not set till now in the app, you will see a “Set UPI Pin” option. Just click on that option and set your upi pin on pnonepe app.

What is PhonePe App and UPI?

PhonePe is the largest quick payment app popular in India. PhonePe is seamlessly integrated with BHIM UPI. BHIM UPI helps us to send or receive money digitally without any worries.

UPI authentication is required for every transaction made on PhonePe. UPI Pin is like a security key which validates your every transaction. You can use your debit card, credit card, net banking with BHIM UPI seamlessly.

Since your bank account is linked with the app It is very important to keep your UPI Pin secret. Never ever share your UPI pin with anybody to practice safe banking. You can attach more than one bank account in your PhonePe app. These other accounts can have their separate individual UPI Pins. It is quite important to remember these upi pins. You should either note down it to a very safe place or you can memorize it.

If you ever forget your phonepe app UPI. Our step-by-step guide on How to change upi pin in PhonePe App will surely help you. But make sure to write your digits when you reset or set UPI pin on PhonePe. This will help you to save struggle in resetting or changing it again and again.

Phonepe is a very useful app to increase the cashless payment system culture. Even you can recharge your mobile, invest in various funds, pay utility bills like DTH and electricity, etc.

How to change Upi Pin in PhonePe – FAQs

How many digits should UPI Pin have in PhonePe App?

A UPI Pin should be of 6 digit for PhonePe.

Can I use multiple UPI pins in PhonePe App?

You can use only one UPI Pin for any particular bank account. If you wish you can add multiple bank accounts with their UPI Pins in PhonePe.

If BHIM UPI Pin for different apps can work in PhonePe?

A different Pin of a Different app can not work for PhonePe until we set it with the same digit.

If PhonePe App remember or save our UPI Pin?

No, PhonePe App do not save or remember your UPI Pin. Since it is very secret and confidential information, their cookie policy doesn’t allow it.

What is BHIM UPI ?

UPI stands for Unified Payments Interface. UPI was developed and introduced by the National Payment corporations of India. The Main Purpose is to make the money transfer easy between banks.

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