Paytm App Removed from Google Play Store

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The Most Popular Payment App Paytm App has been removed from the Google Play Store by Google for violating the policies. All other apps by One97 Communications Ltd are still available on Google Play Store but this app Paytm is not appearing when searched on Play Store. Reports are saying that Paytm app is removed for not following few of the guidelines of Play Store App Market. Now this news is making a lot of buzz as this is the most popular payment apps available in the indian market and a lot of people are members of this app.

Paytm App Removed from Google Play Store by Google

Let us tell in response of this app removal by google, Paytm Official Twitter Handle has tweeted that “this app is temporarily unavailable and all the money of people inside this app is safe.”

According to sources there are some strict policies which needs to be followed by every app to be present in the app store. These policies are there to protect user form any harmful content. Google has strict policies for betting and online gambling and their policies says that any app should not provide any service related to these. When app store notices any such app that is violating their policies then app store sends a email to the developer of that app a notification regarding this and if this problem is not fixed within a limited mentioned time frame they remove the app from play store. Nothing has been clearly stated about the app missing from play store but it seems temporary as all other apps from Paytm are still in the play store. Since Paytm is a very reputed and big payment company in india, it will surely fix the issue and bring the app back in the play store.

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