3.1 magnitude earthquake in New Jersey

A 3.1 magnitude earthquake struck New Jersey on Wednesday morning. Let us tell you that despite being of very small scale, this earthquake was able to make its impact far enough.

3.1 magnitude earthquake in New Jersey: Felt far away in New York

According to the USGS, the earthquake was felt by people from as far as Philadelphia and New York City. Although there is no news of any major damage, but still people said that this earthquake was felt far and wide.

According to reports, the earthquake lasted for 5 to 10 seconds in some areas. According to some people this earthquake did not feel like an earthquake but it felt as if there was a big explosion somewhere far away. Let us tell you that the people of New Jersey said that they felt the tremors of this earthquake when they were trying to sleep in the bed at 2:00am in the morning. No major damage was caused by the tremors of this earthquake but it has shaken entire house of many people according to sources.

This 3.1 magnitude earthquake in New Jersey has also given topic to people to talk about on their social media platforms. Many people also trolled on Twitter by writing about the low intensity earthquake as : what kind of tectonic plates are partying in New Jersey at 2:00 am. Neither the news of this earthquake nor the effect of this earthquake has hurt anyone, although people are very scared after this earthquake. Let us tell you, although there is very rare happening of earthquake in New Jersey , it is long after an earthquake of this magnitude has occurred in New Jersey and surprisingly the tremors are felt far away in Philadelphia and New York City too.

3.1 magnitude earthquake in New Jersey 3
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