The best online casino to play roulette in India

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Like blackjack or craps, roulette can be found in every professional online casino. It’s a classic casino game attracting fans of different game types. Easy learning makes roulette very popular in India, especially among beginners. 

Roulette: One of the most popular casino games in India

Online roulette is growing in popularity. However, its history began in France in the 17th century. Back then, the roulette wheel still had small pockets for the ball. This can no longer be compared with modern technologies; there are hardly any limits to the variety nowadays. Despite the many changes, the rules have always remained the same. However, online casinos made the game more and more popular and diverse. Some websites even offer over 20 versions of the classic game.

Online casinos: Are they suitable for playing roulette?

Although most online casinos are more geared towards slots, some prefer classic games. As a result, online roulette is almost always represented in several versions. Of course, all casinos have different offers, and players first have to think about which aspect they value the most. Factors such as the graphics, a clear structure, the most interesting roulette variants, the best bonuses, and the most helpful customer service can be decisive in the choice.

Players with no roulette experience who want to learn the basics first should choose a particularly user-friendly casino to start with. For example, Lottoland. Asia has a glossary of terms a player should know before they start playing to understand the game’s rules. These rules and a little insight into the history of roulette can also be read directly. This information is helpful for beginners and useful when starting the game. Furthermore, online user-friendliness is essential in the online casino industry and increases the popularity of corporations in other areas.

Another aspect that roulette beginners should keep in mind is that the casino does not necessarily have to offer all classic casino games. On the contrary, a smaller selection can even be advantageous for beginners who do not know which variant is best to try. At casinos with a smaller roulette selection, we even notice that there are always some versions of the classic in the top 5 for the most popular live games.

A good casino usually always offers the two most popular variants of roulette: American and European roulette. The difference in these versions is that the wheel in American roulette contains 38 numbers since the double zero is also used in contrast to the European variant. There may also be visual differences in other versions, such as French roulette. All types of games can usually be tried out online, so gamers can decide at their leisure which one they like best. In addition to the single and multiplayer modes, customers are usually offered a whole range of premium roulette games.

Choosing a suitable online casino for roulette comes down to personal preference at the end of the day. Whether beginners or professionals, players will select a different casino, whether they value the site’s user-friendliness or the number of game variants. Also, the online casino industry is increasingly immersing itself in virtual reality, offering even more possibilities to old and new customers alike.

James Bond roulette strategy

Mr. 007 has been in casinos in some of his adventures, not just since Casino Royale. Therefore, it is not surprising that a roulette strategy was named after the intelligent agent. I’m not sure if this system suits the famous spy, but each player should make up their own mind here. If you want to learn more about the history of roulette, just google it; there is tons of information.

This is how the James Bond strategy works:

A player ideally starts with an amount of 200$. This sum is divided into three different bets. So, 140€ for the high numbers 19-36. Then, €50 is bet on the 6 numbers 13 – 18, and the remaining €10 is placed on zero. Depending on the gamer’s wallet, they can adjust the amount, but usually, they play with €200. This strategy partly moves away from the even odds game. If a number between 1 and 12 comes up, and you lose your bet, the strategy continues; then, the same bet is doubled according to the Martingale system until the player wins. This method should only be used when there is enough capital to be able to absorb a prolonged losing streak, or you will lose the money you wagered.

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