Labour Day 2020: Images, Wallpapers, Greetings, Wishes and Whatsapp Status

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Labour Day 2020: It is celebrated on the first Monday or week Start day of the Month September every year. By the way, the importance of International Labor Day is very much in itself. Because this day is for all those people who are working in some field and through their efforts, there is some kind of benefit or convenience to others of the world. The day started in America and Canada and is celebrated with great respect there.

Labour Day 2020 : Why it is important

Let us tell you that Labor Day is celebrated on different dates in different countries. Every year in India, May 1 is celebrated as Labor Day. Whereas this time International Labor Day is on 6 September 2020. Let us tell you that on Labor Day, all those working people are given a holiday, their efforts are appreciated, who have done excellent work for human society by working at the workplace with their hard work and dedication.

Labour Day 2020 : Images, Wallpapers, Greetings

Here we are sharing some of the images, wallpapers and Greetings of International Labor Day 2020.

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Happy Labour Day 2020 Wishes
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Happy labour Day 2020 Greetings
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Happy Labour Day 2020 Wishes
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Labour Day 2020 : Quotes and Wishes

Nothing can be achieved without hard work and team work. happy international labor day.

thanks to all our working people who are continuously making our lives better. wish you all a very happy labour day 2020.

Many people believe that International Labor Day is only for construction workers. But this is absolutely wrong International Labor Day and is for all people who are providing their facilities in some or the other area. In Canada, Prime Minister John Sparrow David Thomson declared Canada’s official Labor Day on Monday in the month of September in 1894.
From the same day, or in the United States, including Canada, the day was celebrated as International Labor Day.

International Labor Day started at different times in different countries. International Labor Day was recognized in America only in 1887. But from 1894, official holiday was announced on this day. Although many such efforts were also made that International Labor Day should be celebrated everywhere on May 1 instead of the first Monday of September, but these efforts were not successful. On the other hand, on May 1 in 1947, it was celebrated as Loyalty Day in America. In 1958, the American Bar Association declared May 1 as Law Day.

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