25+ Nora Fatehi Hot, Sexy, and Bikini Pics

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Nora Fatehi Hot is one of the hottest and successful Bollywood sensation. She made her debut in Bollywood with the film “Roar: Tigers of the Sundarbans” in 2013. But this film got no so much popularity and people forgot her soon. She made a sensation in the film industry when she resurfaced as a contestant in Big-Boss 2015. In the song “Garmi” her hot dance made her star in a night. When she arrived at an award show called GQ Style Awards, all eyes were on her. She is well known for her formidable dancing skills. She is an expert on belly dancing.

Whether on stage or on Instagram feed she never disappoint her fans by Spreading hot flame. She keep on posting her hot photo shoots on her official Instagram account. Here we collected some amazing Nora Fatehi Hot pics. So if you think you can handle the rising temperature lets checkout Nora Fatehi’s hot pics.

Nora Fatehi Hot, Sexy, and Bikini Jaw-Dropping pics

Nora Fatehi Hot Pics

In Black and Hot Orange sport outfit Nora Fatehi is looking quite pretty and hot. The way she posed with this outfit, is gonna make you feel amazed. The tied long hair is increasing her beauty. The black stone background suits her with this look.

Nora Fatehi Hot Photos

Nora Fatehi uploaded this hot photo on her official Instagram account with the positive attitude caption “U was just another ….. on the hit list 💎”. This photo of Nora got so much popularity with millions of likes and thousands of comments from her fan.

Nora Fatehi Hot Pic

This Nora Fatehi hot and sizzling look in her pink transparent dress is quiet impressive. She breaks the internet and creating buzz in the Bollywood town with her hot looks. she is looking quite gorgeous and pretty hot in her pink gown.

Nora Fatehi Sexy Look

As you all know that Black outfit is the best combination to wear for anyone. In the above Pic Fatehi is looking absolutely gorgeous. The way she carried her high black pointed heels is worth watching.

Nora Fatehi Look in pink dress

The big earrings look is giving her perfect look for the summer season. She is standing against a wall in the above pic and wearing a loose outfit. This loose outfit is a gown kind of material and it is making her looks more stunning.

Nora Fatehi Denim Look

The floor always catches fire when Nora walks on it. Yes! you heard it right. In white dress accompanied with blue denim jacket, she is looking confident and bold. The bracelet in her hand is also enhancing Nora Fatehi Hot look.

Nora White dress Look

White colour is the symbol of peace. In the above pic Fatehi is looking simple and elegant. At the same time with the golden earrings in her ears, she looks confident about her existence.

Nora Black Transparent Dress Pic

Open hairs and short dresses are something which adds few more stars to Nora’s beauty. A true beauty queen with bold looks is what Nora is representing in the picture. She is placing her hands on her waist and standing like a Barbie Doll.

Nora’s Bold Look

With vibrant red lips, Nora is looking damn gorgeous. She is wearing a black short dress with curly hairs on. The way she is posing is worth watching.

Nora’s smoky eye look

Nora Fatehi Hot looks are always something to talk about. And this time she is wearing a unique white dress with orange smoky eyes. She is looking sweet and bold. This look is very sharp and she has tied her hair in a very beautiful manner.

Nora’s Hot Look

The raw look of this Indian beautiful celebrity is amazing. She is wearing a red embroidery blouse with open hair. Her extraordinary lipstick is adding stars to her pretty hot look. Her fabulous lips are something which we should look at above Nora’s look.

Nora’s Quarantine Look

Covered in a white Lenin clothing she is looking sweet and cute as a mermaid. She has gained millions of likes and thousand of comments on this beautiful look on her official social media accounts.

Nora is posing gorgeous

The flowers might look less attractive when Nora is standing beside them in a floral outfit. This single pic gained huge popularity and went viral minutes after she uploaded in her social media. Her fans liked this pic so much that it went in the trending section of social media accounts.

Nora looking pretty in pink dress

Nobody can resist to look Nora’s Lips if she is standing in front of them. With big round circles, She is looking very hot and beautiful. Pink is something which Fatehi likes the most to wear.

Nora’s butterfly look

The Butterfly look of Nora is very famous among her fans. She is wearing a white top with red skirt. With minimal jewelries and accessories, her look is pretty. The beautiful neckless she is carrying in her neck might make many women jealous.


The coffee don’t seems hot if Nora is sitting in front of you in any café. This Nora Fatehi Hot look is one of the most liked picture over the internet. She is carrying a very nice bag with blue damaged jeans and her white sandals are worth praising.

Nora Fatehi Rainy Look

Watching her in short dresses on the beach is a dream for many boys. Yes, the laces of her crop top is something, You will find interesting to watch. Nora Fatehi navel is looking very sweet and nice.


The curves of her body looks more promising when she wears jeans with crop top. The jungle look of her sandals is very unique to see with a denim. Although she has managed to wear it in a way that it attracts all eye balls instantly.

Nora Fatehi Hot Black Look

This transparent black dress is very attractive to watch. This pic has its own fan base for all the Nora lovers. She is looking in a very promising way and the transparency of her dress is attracting more eyes towards her beauty.


A lot of pearls are making this short dress look of Nora Fatehi more tempting. The way she is showing her leg from her beautiful dress is really hot and enough to bring water in mouths.


Nora Fatehi green dress look is something which is resembling the ‘Banzaran’ look. She is looking very traditional and classic in this outfit with lots of jewelries on her.


The sporty top and skirt look is very hot. the shoes gives her more active look and one can try this dress while going to picnic also. The hair bun is very unique and its giving her cute appeal.


The laces of her sandals will definitely make you look twice at her. With short gray dress combination she is carrying a fairy look. The piano behind her is also adding the feel of classic time in the pic.


The grey outfit is not always fifty shades of grey. But definitely, this grey outfit of Nora is as spicy and hot as the “Fifty shades of Grey” movie. Her curves are beautifully visible and she is looking very bold.


Hope you like Nora Fatehi Hot, Sexy, and Bikini Pics. She is a very gorgeous and talented actress. Fatehi has a huge fan following also and she is quite active on her social media channels too. Bookmark this article as we will be uploading a lot of sizzling Nora Fatehi Hot pics with time.

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