Everything You Should Know About Diabetes

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Diabetes occurs in human bodies if the body fails to produce enough insulin or if the body is unable to utilize the produced insulin. Pancreas is responsible for producing insulin that balances the blood sugar level in the body. So, in the case of diabetes mellitus, the blood sugar level spikes high. In the past decades until now, diabetes has become quite a common disease, especially for people at a young age. 

Currently, as per the reports of the World Health Organisation (WHO), India alone has more than 95 million diabetic patients in the country of age above 18 years. Also, more than 70 crore people are unaware of their diabetic status and conditions which further leads to health complications including associated heart risks at an early age. 

Such data drags the attention of health professionals as well as individuals towards knowing more about this disease and knowing how one can delay, prevent, or completely stay away from this incurable disease. Also, having health insurance coverage for diabetes, like Care Health Insurance can help you take it easy in times of medical urgency. Let’s get into the details.

Diabetes and its Types

Diabetes is a complex disease to understand. There are broadly two types of diabetes; Type 1 and Type 2. According to WHO reports India has more than 77 million patients with Type 1 diabetes and 25 million patients with Type 2 diabetes. Apart from this, there are Type 1.5 and gestational diabetes as well. Here are details regarding the types of diabetes:

  • Type 1

In Type 1 diabetes, the immune system itself attacks the pancreatic cells which leads to their destruction. The cause remains unknown so far as to why the immune system attacks these cells. As a result of the death of pancreatic cells, insulin is no longer produced which leads to high blood sugar levels in the body.

  • Type 2

A significant number of people suffer from Type 2 diabetes. In this type, the insulin produced in the body remains unused since the body becomes resistant to insulin. So, even when there is enough insulin produced, it is not used and thus leads to high blood sugar.

  • Type 1.5

Type 1.5 diabetes is also known as Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults (LADA). It begins in adulthood and later in life becomes Type 2 diabetes. Until now, it has not been proven that lifestyle and diet changes can influence or cure this diabetes.

  • Gestational

During the gestational period, a mother develops gestational diabetes. Due to the production of insulin-blocking hormones, the blood sugar level goes high.

General Symptoms

Knowing the symptoms is quintessential for you to understand your health and avail medical help at an early stage for better results. Although most of the symptoms are similar for all types of diabetes, the progress of symptoms of Type 2 can be slower than others. Here are some general symptoms of diabetes:

  • Increase in hunger
  • Weight loss
  • Increase in thirst
  • Blurry vision
  • Frequent urination
  • Unhealed sores (or those that take quite a long time to heal)
  • Extreme fatigue

Tingling nerves (most common for Type 2)

Health Insurance and Diabetes

Health insurance may not help you get rid of diseases like diabetes but it can definitely help you save your finances and avail better healthcare facilities. Care Health is also very enthusiastic to lend a hand of help to its customers. So, if you are looking for a diabetes insurance plan, insurance by Care Health can be your choice.

Why Opt for Care Health Insurance?

One may wonder why choose Care as the health insurance partner. Here are some of the main reasons-

  • No Pre-medical Check Required

You need not go through medical check-ups prior to getting your health insurance approved. So, the process becomes easier and quicker.

  • Enjoy Life-long Renewability

CHI provides you with the option to avail life-long renewability of the plan.

  • Enjoy Cashless Service

Under cashless services, you need not pay the hefty medical bills. Your insurance company will directly settle the bills. For this, you need to avail of medical treatment from any one of the 21100+ network hospitals.

  • Free Look Period of 15 Days

The free look period lets you withdraw the plan within 15 days if it doesn’t suit your needs.

  • Recharge the Sum Insured

If your sum insured gets exhausted before the end of the policy tenure, you can recharge the sum insured.

  • Shorter Waiting Period Required

A waiting period is the time until which you cannot raise a claim. Most health plans cover pre-existing diseases after 4 years, however, with Care, you have to wait for just 2 years.

  • Enjoy Consumable Allowances

Consumables can affect your finances and so, you also get to avail the cost of medical equipment, housekeeping items, admission kit, etc. 

  • Annual Health Check-ups

At network hospitals, you can avail of annual health check-ups and keep your diabetes under check.

  • Claim Settlement Ratio

Care Health Insurance claim settlement ratio has been reported at 95.2%. CSR is primarily the percentage of claims settled in a policy year. A high CSR shows the customer-centric approach of the company. 


Diabetes is one of the most common diseases in the world as well as in India. Simple lifestyle changes, regular exercise, and a healthy diet can help you improve the situation to a great extent. Also, do not forget to go for regular check-ups since most of the health conditions remain unknown until it grows enough.

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