Finding the Perfect Fit: A Guide to Ring Sizing

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Buying rings may look daunting, but if you compare it with finding the perfect ring size, you’ll find the first task pretty simple. In fact, one of the most crucial steps in getting perfect rings is measuring their size correctly. 

Finding the right size becomes a big issue, especially when you are selecting from an extensive collection of rings online. A simple mistake can lead to either a too-tight or too-loose ring. Thankfully, many brands offer a try-at-home service. But then again, why would you want to waste your precious time trying things if you can find your perfect size at home and select the best rings?

Finding the Perfect Fit: A Guide to Ring Sizing 1

We have created this crisp guide exclusively for Señoras who want to ensure they find the perfect fit at home. Even if you are a newbie who has never bought rings and doesn’t know about sizing, this article will work the same for you. Keep reading to learn how!

Ways to Find Perfect Size for Rings at Home

There are several methods to find your perfect size for rings. We have listed them below:

  • Use String or Yarn to Measure 

Using a string is one of the simplest ways to measure your ring size. All you need is a string, a ruler, and a pen. You can also use floss instead of string or yarn. In five simple steps, you can measure your ring size: 

  1. Wrap the string around the finger’s base for which you plan to buy rings. 
  2. Mark where the string is overlapping. 
  3. Remove the string, stretch it to the length, and run it along the ruler. 
  4. Note down the distance marked on the string. Take measurements in millimeters.
  5. Take the ring size chart to determine your correct size.
  • Take help From the Ring Size Chart

Another easy trick to find the right size of rings is using a ring size chart. It is a life hack if you wish to surprise someone with a beautiful ring and have no clue what their size might be.  

Use the ring size chart to measure the size in minutes: 

  1. Find rings that perfectly fit you or the person you are gifting.
  2. Print the ring size chart and place the collected rings on the circles. 
  3. Keep matching until you find the size that aligns with the internal circumference of the ring.
  • Use A Ring Sizer

Those who want the most accurate size of their rings can go for a ring sizer. This measurement tool is inexpensive and comes in two types. The types include measuring tape or a keyring lined with measurements. You can try any of them to find the correct one quickly with zero chances of mistakes. 

Tips to Keep in Mind For Ring Sizing

Before you start measuring for your rings, here are a few things to remember to avoid any mistakes: 

  • Avoid selecting a too-tight or too-loose size. Instead, choose a ring size where the string or the tape is comfortably wrapped around your finger. 
  • It is noticed that our finger size changes with weather and time. So, your fingers are usually smaller in the morning and in cold weather. It is why it is suggested to measure your size at the end of the day when your fingers are warm.
  • To get the accurate value, measure your finger at least 3-4 times. 
  • The fingers on your dominant hand are larger than those on your non-dominant hand. Remember to consider this when measuring for rings. 
  • A thicker band is usually tighter than a slim one. So, if you plan to buy statement rings, it is advisable to choose half a size up for a comfortable fit. 
  • If you are unsure, visit a nearby jewelry store and get the perfect size measured by a professional. 

With these tips, you can easily find your ideal ring size. Once you know the size, you can easily find beautiful rings for yourself. To get the latest and trendiest designs, browse the collection of brands like Mia by Tanishq. They offer you an extensive collection of rings for every occasion.

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