Majnu Bhai Painting popularity is growing day by day

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Majnu Bhai Painting is actually a nice piece of art. This painting is named Majnu Bhai ki Painting also as it was painted with the fine handmade art of actor Anil Kapoor. Let’s explore the funniest and craziest side of this Painting and know more about this art legacy.

We will also be discussing about the 3rd part of this amazing movie Welcome that is supposed to be coming out by the name Welcome to The Jungle.

What is Majnu Bhai Painting ?

Majnu Bhai Painting
The legendary Painting | Majnu Bhai Painting

This Majnu Bhai ki Painting has a horse and a donkey painted in it. Both of these animals are looking quite happy in this art. The Donkey in this art is standing above the horse and both the animals are smiling.

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In the above video this versatile actor has shown a brilliant acting example of comedy with drama. You can see in the video that how the associates of this gangster don have stopped the traffic so that their boss can enjoy some good time over here.

This is also a very good way to show that two friends with different mental ability can be happy together if they enjoy the moment. And it also shows that how a intelligent strong friend supports the less intelligent friend in every situation.

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Majnu Bhai Painting Memes:

This is the funniest meme material of all time. Memes related to this painting is trending everywhere on the social media. Even in 2021, these memes are as popular as the modern ones. The pawri ho rhi hai meme of 2021 and rosode me kaun tha can’t beat this evergreen painting meme.

Get ready to read these funny memes trending over internet:

Majnu Bhai Painting Meme
No Painting can match the perfection level of this Painting

Not only this but even Bollywood Actor Anil Kapoor also tweeted about this Majnu Bhai Painting writing that this is the priceless thing of happiness :

Funny Dialogues of the Majnu Bhai :

This film is filled with many interesting dialogues of Uday and anil kapoor. After the trend of Majnu Bhai Painting , the dialogues of this movie welcome are also making people laugh. Here are a few ones form him:

Majnu Bhai Painting Welcome
Welcome Movie | Discussion of Uday and anil kapoor 😂😂😂
Majnu Bhai ki Painting Meme

Who is Majnu Bhai ?

Majnu Bhai is actually a character of a gangster in the film Welcome. This Gangster is quite soft hearted funny 😂😂 kind of person in the film. Bollywood famous superstar Anil Kapoor played this famous most lovable role in the film Welcome.

The role of Uday shetty was played by film actor Nana Patekar in the movie. He has shown some really nice acting skills in the movie and made the audience laugh out louder.

This is a comedy drama film filled with a lot of humor, fun and love story. Here are some pictures of this famous role from the file Welcome:

Majnu Bhai Painting star anil kapoor
From Welcome Movie
Majnu Bhai Meme
Majnu Bhai Painting Welcome

Welcome Movie Plot

This funny character from the movie welcome was so much liked by the users that the film has 2 Seasons. First one is names welcome and the second one is welcome Back. Both the films are super hilarious and a true piece of comedy and humor. This movie is directed by Anees Bazmee.

The story revolves around the family of two gangsters and their sister marriage. These two big actors in the movie were playing the roles of gangsters in the movie. Their main concern and objective of life is to find a suitable boy for their sister for marriage. Although these two brothers are unmarried themselves.

The story becomes more interesting , when these two brothers started a series of drama and pretends themselves as very honest and loyal humble person. They wanted a very good non criminal kind of boy for their sister and the whole story is filled with comedy and drama around this plot.

Welcome movie was released in the year 2007 and it’s second part Welcome Back was released in 2015.

Welcome 3 : Welcome to The Jungle is coming soon

The third part of this hilarious most loved movie of all time Welcome to The Jungle is also in production right now. and it will be coming soon. This poster of the movie is trending on the internet these days:

Welcome to the Jungle Anil Kapoor
Welcome 3 Movie | Welcome to the Jungle | Anil Kapoor in Welcome 3 |

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