‘Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot’ In A New Edition

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After the release of the latest “Dragon Ball Z”: Kakarot last April it appears like Bandai Namco is not there yet and it misses some interesting content to the game.

According to the sources, the game will get some interesting new features in June in the all-new form of Tao Pai Pai’s Pillar. For those who don’t know, the Tao Pai Pai’s Pillar is one of the new features that allow players to ride vehicles in “Dragon Ball Z”: Kakarot”. It came from the classic scene in the anime where assassin Tao Pai Pai’s broke a pillar from the Red Ribbon Army Headquarters after he was supposed to kill the young Goku.

And after breaking the pillar, To Pai Pai’s launched it based on his calculation of Goku’s location and rode it to get his target location.

However, if you don’t know that the content will be available to those who bought the ultimate edition of the game.

 While it isn’t seeming to be a major update and no questions that it will be a game-changer, but still it is nice to collect and update fun from time to time.

 Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot remains to be one of the popular games in the gaming industry no matter if it receives criticism or not but recently Fans didn’t respond to it with an open heart because of its first DLC titled where they wrote a tag line called, A NEW POWER AWAKENS.

In a Metacritic review,, The DLC was fully criticized for its senseless grinding battles before reaching the boss Beerus.

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