Baltimore Ouzo Bay Owner Apologize After The Video Shows Restaurant Denying To Service Black Woman And Her Son

Ouzo Bay Restaurant Apologize To Black Woman and Her son

After the Death of the Floyd In Minneapolis everyone started to protest for Racism and #blacklivesmatter all over the globe. On Monday a video came from Baltimore Harbor East Where A black woman and her son were being denied service at Ouzo Bay, for how the boy was dressed, and it all started when the … Read more

Donald Trump Signed an Order on Monday to Restrict H-1B Immigration Visa until the end of 2020

Restrict H-1B Immigration Visa

The US President Donald Trump signed an order on Monday to restrict H-1B immigration visa and other immigration visas until the end of this year 2020. The business association said a move that will hit the technology industry in both India and the US, said by business associations. And it’s not only about H-1B visa … Read more

26/11 Convict Of Pak Origin Won’t Get Any Released Bail That Would Be Embarrassment For US In Foreign Affairs Conduct

Tahawwur Rana won't get any Release bail

The Convict of the 26/11 Tahawwur Rana, who belongs to Pak Origin and a Businessman in Profile got arrested in the United States. Now he was looking for bail, but the united states opposed his release bail and said what if he flees away to Canada, then he may escape the Probability of the death … Read more