Top five wall painting ideas to upgrade your décor

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Thinking of painting your house or getting it painted for the first time? Then you must be all colorful in your thoughts! It is an important decision to finalize how you would like to get your walls painted. The right choice can complement your décor amazingly. With time various new trends have emerged in wall painting. Gone are the days when a simple single color was used to paint the entire house. Now, a beautifully painted house includes better shades, combinations, patterns, etc. These days you can also hire professionals who specifically analyze your house and recommend the correct wall painting options for it. 

To enhance the décor of your house, you need to know these top wall painting ideas. 

  1. Go for abstracts and patterns – The art that is being used immensely for wall painting is trending everywhere. When patterns are used on the walls, it makes the wall eye-catching. You could hire a hand painting artist to beautify your wall. Patterns like a honeycomb where hexagons are placed together and elegant line design works well on the walls. To estimate the cost of painting tools like a painting calculator are highly recommended. Using such tools, you can estimate the cost of different paints that will be required to create the abstracts and patterns.
  2. Colorful geometrics and 3D designs – If you want to create a vibrant and realistic vibe for your home then this idea would work wonders for you. 3D designs on the wall change the entire look of your wall. Added to that, working with colorful geometrics creates a captivating look on the walls. According to the theme of different rooms, different ideas can be put into a vision that compliments the theme of the space. While the kids’ room can have patterns and designs, for a main bedroom textures would preferably work better. 
  3. Play with textures – The market is full of textured paints and these have completely changed the game of wall paintings over the years. Textures give a bold and elite look creating an aura of magnificence. Amongst the many painting ideas, this one is the best option for you if are looking for some elegant décor. Evaluating the many options available for texture wall painting, you can select the most suitable one for your walls according to your taste.
  4. Blend different shades – Don’t be so simple that you end up painting all the walls entirely with a single color. In case you are too fond of a specific color, to create drama you can use different shades of that color and blend them to create some uniqueness. Shading the wall elevates the color being used. Undoubtedly one of the best painting techniques, if you consider implementing this one you’ll see how people will be in awe looking at your home’s wall painting. 
  5. Wall art canvas painting – This is one of the favorite wall painting ideas of architects and designers. Filling the entire wall with a single wall painting gives a statement look to your home. Hiring a professional painting artist would prove to be the right decision for creating a beautiful canvas-painted wall. The painting also impacts the space of your room. If you live in a confined space, using the correct colors can make it look spacious. Therefore, choose wisely before covering your walls with any beautiful idea. 

Apart from these, you could also use DIY ideas to paint your walls. And that works better if you are a creative person who loves to play with colors and patterns. Give it a shot, there are high chances of it turning out wonderful. 

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