Fouls are hurdles in your path to win. Know all the carrom foul rules

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Do you love to play carrom games? Are facing problems while understanding the carrom foul rules? Are you aware of how carrom foul rules work? If you are facing the above problems, then here are some solutions that will help you guide you through different difficulties.

Carrom is an indoor game that is to be believed that was invented in India. Carrom has some similarities with billiards so you can say that carrom is a game of the billiard family tree. Carrom is a game that has been enjoyed by many generations over the period of time in many countries around the world. Countries such as Pakistan, Srilanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, South Asia, Arabia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Bahrain have been active in the game of carrom for decades.

However, it really became popular after the end of World War 1. Because of its simple rules and regulations and comfortable design, it is the ideal home indoor game. This game is now more popular than ever, and in 1988, the formation of the World Carrom Federation (WCF) solidified its future. In today’s digital world, the majority of young people prefer to play different games online. You can also play carrom online with real people on gaming platforms like Getmega, which is a leading gaming platform. You can also win real money by playing games here.

Though carrom is a very friendly game, it’s not always played for fun. There are some rules and regulations that are made to be followed for the game. If any player breaks rules, unlike any other game the player will face the penalty according to the carrom foul rules. Following are some foul rules explained so that you can play carrom with zero penalties.

A List of Carrom Foul Rules:

Unlike any other game, carrom also has some penalty or foul rules. It is very important for a player to understand these rules because if he or she is unable to understand the carrom foul rules, then it will be difficult for him or her to win the game. Here are some of the rules which will help you understand the game in a better way.

  1. Basic Foul Rule:
  • A foul is a mistake or offense move that causes the player’s turn to be canceled immediately.
  • Here, an opponent will get an opportunity to take advantage of placing the disk according to his or her suitability.
  • If a player pockets the striker, then it will be considered a foul. It is one of the basic carrom foul rules.
  • It is common for different disks to be placed in order to give an advantage to the opponent.
  • If a player’s strike makes any piece or disc or the striker go out of the board boundary, then it will be considered as a foul.
  • If a player pockets the opponents’ disk, then also it will be counted as a foul.
  • If a player hits the last disk directly before they pocket the queen,
  • If a player pockets the queen but is unable to pocket the next disk, then the queen needs to be put back to the center for further playing.
  • If a player talks to his or her partner during the game.
  • If a player breaks the rule of striking at any point of the game.
  • If a player attempts to move or misplace any disk after the game starts it will be considered a foul. A player is only allowed to touch the striker.
  • If a player fails 3 times to hit a breaking point (first strike of the game).
  1. Technical Carrom Foul Rules:
  • If a player fails to follow the rules and regulations or the law of the carrom game, then it will be considered as a foul.
  • If a player makes a foul, then the opponent gets an advantage to place a disc or piece but the player’s turn will continue.
  • If a player attempts an offensive act both during his turn or when it’s not his turn, it will be considered as a foul.
  • If a player makes a mistake, then either a penalty or suitable punishment will be imposed on that player.
  1. Standard Carrom Foul Rules:
  • If a player hits a disc below the baseline directly, it will be considered a foul.
  • If a player hits a disk directly, which is placed in his or her diagonal arrow will also be a foul.
  • If a player breaks any of the basic rules of carrom, they will face a penalty.
  • A player who misuses his or her sitting position will also face a foul penalty.


If a player makes a foul but there is no disk in the pocket, then the penalty will be pending until he or she pockets a disk. After his or her first pocket, the disk will be returned to the center and the penalty will be cleared. You can practice some tricks and styles both offline and online. If you love to play online games then you should try some popular gaming platforms like Getmega, where you can also win real money by playing different games.

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