Symptoms of Hypertensive Heart Disease

Symptoms of Hypertensive Heart Disease 1

Hypertensive heart disease refers to a condition where high blood pressure causes damage to the heart and its blood vessels. High blood pressure seriously endangers the heart, which works nonstop to keep us alive. Heart disease is a leading cause of premature death in India, accounting for about 27% of all fatalities. According to the … Read more

Simplify International Transactions with Letter of Credit

Letter of credit money transfer between countries

Do you plan on expanding your business overseas? Well, why not? Many SMEs hold back their expansion due to one apparent reason: finance. Often, an SME faces carrying out international transactions as a hurdle when conducting business overseas.  However, reputed financial institutions can be a smooth means of receiving and sending money abroad. Nowadays, several SME … Read more

Important Dates in Indian History

important dates in Indian history

Important Dates in Indian History BC 3000-1500 Indus Valley Civilisation 576 Gautam Buddha Birth 527 Mahavir Birth 327-326 Alexander’s invasion of India. This invasion has opened a land route between Europe and India. 313 Accession of Chandragupta Maurya (as per Jain tradition) 305 Chandragupta Maurya Defeated Seleucus 273-232 Ashoka’s reign 261 Kalinga Conquest 145-101 Region … Read more