US President Trump Threatened WHO To Pulling Out The Permanent Funding

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Us President Threatened to Pull out the permanent funding from The World Health Organization If they don’t commit the improvements in the next 30 days.

In this letter To the WHO Director-General Tedros ADhanom Ghebreyesus, He said, ” It is pretty obvious that consistently missteps by you and your organization in respond to this pandemic have been costly for the world, And the only way forward for the World Health Organization is it can demonstrate that the independence from China.

My Administration officials already had a word with you about his issue, but we need the quick action in this as we don’t have any time to waste in this, He added”.

As we know that the United States is facing the most critical time at this moment, as the coronavirus has affected and took the lives of almost 90,000 Americans and more than 318,00 people worldwide has been infected with this, Still, we don’t have any sign of the vaccine except the promising statements.

The WHO And China have become the part of the Us President Outbreak, Where most countries depend on the world entities on the other hand with this letter or ultimatum Trump has shown his distrust on the world entity.

Even the many posts on the twitter with the White house Letterhead, demonstrate that WHO Stance towards to China In this pandemic.

However, this issue raised when the WHO’s Reaffirmation of China Claim that the Coronavirus won’t be transmitted between the humans, and when it starts it’s havoc in United Stated that results Trump temporarily halted the funding to the WHO Last month, as the Us mostly funds the $400 million to $500 million each year to WHO.

At the same time, Trump has said, that the WHO has done its job to get medical experts into China to objectively assess the situation on the ground and to call out China’s shortage of transparency, the outbreak could have been contained at its source with very little death.

In Respect of this, the WHO Director said, that WHO Will Continue working with other countries and argued that unity is key to fighting to coronavirus.

So, we can assume that when it’s got over or might be trump is still formulating a long term plan to punish China for this crisis in a different respective manner.

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