Trump Said 99% Corona Virus Cases Are Harmless

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Donald Trump Firmly Know the Danger of the Corona virus to the people of their country and who already get infected with it, and the cases are getting recorded more and more in Us.

Trump On this latest statements playing down the severity of this pandemic, he declared that 99% of Cases of Covid-19 are fully harmless, That might be the flies in the face of the science and the reality of the country where the death ratio has reached to the 1,30,000.

Throughout this coronavirus pandemic. Mr. Trump also declared that it is under control in the Us, when it wasn’t exactly, he said, we have tested over 40 million people, But by so doing, 99% of which are totally harmless, he remarks on Saturday.

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However, the World Health Organisation has said, about 20% of those diagnosed with the Covid-19 progress to severe disease, including pneumonia and respiratory failure. Apart from this those who are with mild or no symptoms also can spread the virus to the others who are more vulnerable.

In order to defend Mr. Tump’s Claim, Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Dr. Stephen Hahn Declined to do so, He urged Americans not to back off the federal Government’s public health measures urging social distancing and wearing the mask.

Tump Also Tweet, that Our tremendous Testing Success gives the fake News Media All That they want, cases, and in the meantime, deaths and the all the mortality rate goes down, and conclude with Anybody need any ventilators?

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As the increased In testing doesn’t fully account for the rise in Cases, People are still infecting each other even more than before as the distancing rules recede and community spread picks up, and as the Cases will be reported so the demand for the Ventilator once again would be the part for the u.S.

Fauci said He is more concerned about the increase in community spread. on the other hand Adm. Brett Giroir, the health and Human Services officials Overseeing the Nation’s Coronavirus Testing Efforts, and said, the increase on the cases can’t be explained by just additional testing, as they believe that this is a real increase in Cases because the percent positivities are going up.

In areas of the U.s, The total Demand for the ventilators is approaching the highs in April, and the number of the Ventilator requirement has reached 61 to 158 within two weeks on Saturday, According to the report, the highest number of patients on Ventilators was 198 On April.

About Trump Point on the Mortality coming down, Mr. Fauci said, this is not the relevant measure to find what is happening at the moment with infections, Death always lag just behind the cases.

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