Today is World Emoji Day 2020, celebrate by applying emoji

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Happy World Emoji Day 2020

World Emoji Day is celebrated worldwide on July 17, the day began many years ago in 2014 when a man from Jeremy Burz started EmojiPedia for emoji. Today, emoji is widely used on social media and chatting platforms. Often, people use emojis to express their emotions, behavior and happy temper.
Because when the man communicates online. At that time, it is not possible to explain each other’s gestures and face expressions with just text. Because face expression has its own importance, it makes our things more interesting and more clear. That is why emoji is a good medium through which people express their behavior, happiness, sorrow and many such gestures.

More than 5 billion emojis are used all over the world. Apple was the first company to place the emoji in a phone, which brought emoji to its iPhone first.
On this special occasion of Happy emoji day 2020, you too can express your feelings through emoji and thank the existence of emoji.

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