Taylor Swift Lashed Out On Trump Last Night Tweet On Minneapolis Incident

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Day by day Minneapolis incident has become the reason of the chaos everywhere, everyone is coming forward to support the Dead Black man George Floyd, and the same thing happens between the Pop Singer Taylor swift and the Us President Donald Trump.

Taylor swift strike back on the Donald trump tweet on Friday, She tweet and point out Donald trump on her latest tweet.

This tweet spread like a fire all over the twitter handle and till now has hit millions of likes, and this post on the verge to become the most liked tweet on twitter.

Trump already had made his tweet about the protest who start gathering around the city when a black man George Floyd was pinned down with the knee over his neck by the police officials, even in the video he was saying I can’t breathe, but the white police officers didn’t let him go until he became silent.

Not only this even trump already has signed the Executive order to target the social media companies under the communication decency Act, When twitter flagged his post for violence, the same thing also happens again when trump tweet.


the thugs who are looting they are dishonoring the memory of the George Floyd, and we won’t let that happen, He also added that Just spoke with Governor Tim Walz and ready to deploy the army if needed any difficulty and we will assume control but when the looting starts the shooting start, He tweet”.


But Twitter didn’t get this thing right and according to him the White House Officials and TRump made the same statement, and which violated the platform rule against the glorifying violence, and they labeled the warning label on both tweets.

On the other hand, rarely it has seen Swift with the political point of view, but in her Netflix Documentary In Miss American, an artist was talking about the regret where he didn’t oppose openly during the 2016 presidential election, and with this trump also tweet back and hit the singer with the message, ” I like Taylor’s Music about 25 % less now”.

Since then both just criticizing each other even she also told that trump is ” Gaslighting the American Public”

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