SpaceX Ready To Bring The Astronauts For The Longer Stay In International Space Station

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The Us Space Agency Said Two NASA Astronauts are gearing up for the ride of SpaceX a new space taxi to help the short handed crew which is planned for more than a month In International Space Station.

This Launch is scheduled for May 27 From the Kennedy Space Center In Florida and it will reach the ISS the next day, however, this is the first SpaceX mission carrying humans.

Two Astronauts Bob Behnken And Doug Hurley will be the first Astronauts launched from the American Soil Since the termination of the shuttle program, It will allow both of them to help Exchange the station’s Batteries Which require the spacewalk as well.

The Construction of the Separate crew transportation under the commercial crew program and for that they SpaceX and Boeing already have been awarded the amount of $7 billion for that.

Jim Bridenstine The NASA Administrator said,

We are holding up the station with the bare minimum resources and we would have postponed this operation until the NASA Crew members are available and ready, but we are going to hit this with Behnken and Hurley.

However, on the other hand, both the crew members embrace the mission.

Behnken said, Hopefully, it is launching in the summertime, and finally the launch date is 27 May and we are hitting a good time so that my son will be able to see it more closely than he would not if he was in school.

Nevertheless, A slight delay in the development of the SpaceX and the Boeing will led the NASA to extend his reliance on Russia, and even forcing the Space agency to boy or add some additional seat for the more astronauts in Soyuz Rocket.

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