Russia becomes the first country to successfully test the corona virus vaccine

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For the first time in the world, Russia has successfully completed a successful trial of the corona virus vaccine. The successful trial of this vaccine was carried out on 13 July at Sechenov University. Let us tell you that countries around the world are taking help of their scientists and medical staff to find the corona virus vaccine. Let us tell you that the group of humans on which Russia has successfully tested this vaccine was divided into two parts. The first group on which the test has been successful will be discharged on 15 July and declared completely healthy and the second group will be discharged from the hospital on 20 July.

Corona Virus Vaccine

Russia has become the first country in the world to have successfully tested such a vaccine for the corona epidemic. Clinical trials of this corona virus vaccine, made by Russia’s The Gamalei Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology, began in June. Let us tell you that in the University of 69, many types of research and research scientists are constantly engaged in research work and this is where a special team was being made for a long time to make a vaccine for corona virus. After successful human testing of this vaccine, it can be confirmed that the vaccine will be available to the whole world in the coming few months or so. But it will not be possible to say for sure how many days later this vaccine will be available to everyone because this vaccine has just been a successful human trial and nothing can be said about the side effects caused by this vaccine. Any vaccine can be made available to the entire world only if there is no visible side effect of that vaccine for the next two-three months.

It will be a matter of great pride for Russia that their country is making a vaccine for the welfare of the whole world. This vaccine becomes more special for Russia as the number of people infected with the Corona virus has reached a record level 6615 in the last 24 hours in Russia. Russia ranks fourth worldwide for its Corona-infected patients. This vaccine developed by Russia will go through many stages to determine whether it is completely safe for humans and has no side effects. Now clinical trials of this vaccine will be done on some other groups as well and its effect on various different human bodies and its effectiveness will be tested. In such a situation, the whole world is looking on Russia that Russia has become the first country in the world to have successfully tested this vaccine and the group of patients on which this vaccine was used has become healthy and 15 Of July, they will be discharged from the hospital and will be going to their home. Hopefully, the Corona Virus Vaccine created by Russia and through the hard work of their scientists may soon be available to treat people in the world market.

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