Reddit And The Gaming Platform Suspend Trump’s Channel As Hateful Content Not Allowed

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Us President Always Knows for the bold behavior he likes to do what he wants, and the reason being he is always on trend for a different kind of stuff, now Reddit On Monday said they yanked the Forum which used by the supporter of President Donald Trump for the hateful post on the online board while the Gaming Streaming Platform Twitch Briefly Suspended the President, Apart from this on the Political view Iran Also has issued the arrest warrant Against Trump as well.

“r/The_Donald” Was among the 2000 forums on Subreddit banned as for tightening of rules at the news focuses social website, and apart from this the Twitch, the gaming platform which is owned by the Amazon.

They also suspend Trump Channel for the violation of the rules and their content was removed, and in that manner, a spokesperson also came in front said, Hateful conduct is not allowed on Twitch.

However, in this regards twitch said, we never make the exception for the political or newsworthy content, and will certainly take action on the content that would be reported to us or which violated the rules, and they added that the offending comment aired on that channel including the remark of the TRump from 2015 which is saying the Mexicans coming into the united states and “Bringing Drugs”, “Bringing Crime” and were “Rapists”.

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However, Last year Reddit put the Pro-Trump forum on Hold for promoting the violence, and finally they have removed the channel as well, and said it is our responsibility to support our communities by taking the stern action against those who are trying to violate our policy.

Along with that, the Pro-Trump Subreddit used by the hosted and upvoted more rule-breaking content than average, that violates our community policy, and even its moderator also refuse to meet our most basic expectations.

This move cames up on the online forum in order to break down the hateful content on social media including from the president as well, amid a broad movement to address the racial equity in the wake of the police killing of African-Americans.

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