Pittsburgh Steelers Came Up With 412 Food Rescue To delivering The Food To Needy Person

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The Pittsburgh Steeler collaborates with 412 Food Rescue for the food distribution for the needy person during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Even the exact time of the drive should be 11 a.m. but due to the high demand and response, it got underway before half an hour early, where the long line of vehicle Idled Along with Art Rooney Avenue, and there is no doubt that just like the other things it is all about of the group efforts to make this happen.

The main point of notice and what makes this different from other distribution is people can drive or walk up to grab for box and food, They got enough food supplies for his family for a week.

In that boxes 412 Food rescue team donate 9000 pounds of fresh and produce dairy item,

412 Food Rescue Team
Pic Credit- Jared Wickerham

Sara Swaney, 412 Food Rescue’s senior director of advancement, said. With the onset of all of this, we had a huge surge in donations, naturally because of some restaurants pulling back and closing, so we’re very fortunate right now and keep up with the demand of the community.

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