New Mutant D614G Of Corona Virus Emerged Which Is More Infectious Than The Original One

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According to the study, which is led by the scientist of Los Alamos National Laboratory, they have found a new strain of the Coronavirus that has become the more dominant that the pandemic corona virus which we are facing at this moment.

This New issue emerged and posted about this from the Bio Rxiv reports, on his website and where they are putting the efforts of collaboration with the scientist for the treatment and panacea for the COVID-19 and found the new mutation identified on the spike of the exterior of the corona virus, which helps to enter in the human respiratory cells.

This Pandemic Coronavirus almost has infected more than 3.5 million people worldwide and death ration has reached up to the 250,000.

The University of the Sheffield England and the Duke University assist the Los almost team and identified the 14 mutations, and they called it D614G, which is responsible for changing the exterior spike of the corona virus.

The Biologist at Los Almos, Bette Korber, wrote on her Facebook page, ” The story is worrying as we see a mutated form of the virus very rapidly emerging, and over March becoming the most superior pandemic form and when viruses with this mutation enter a population, the rapidly begin to take over the local outbreak, thus they are more transmissible”.

On the other hand, Italy was Firstly hit by this new virus in the last week of February and later on February Washington, but March 15 the Mutated strain dominated the worldwide, since then the scientist and the major organization working on a vaccine or drugs for this.

Korber also added that the researches don’t know the exact details about the behaviors of this mutated spike inside the human body.

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