Narendra Modi Letter To The Nation, Refers To The Migrant

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi wrote a letter for the nation in this second term, in this letter he mentions about the rapid progression and all the historic decision, and also felt sad about the Migrant Workers and said that they are going through under the tremendous suffering during this pandemic corona virus, He also revealed and assured that India will come back and set an example on the economic level and surprise the world.

On this letter, He mentioned, ” In a Crisis of this discomfort, it can’t be claimed that no one suffered from any kind of inconvenience or problem, also share the pain of the Migrant workers, artisans and craftsman, laborers, and the hawkers, as they have to undergo with the tremendous pain, Narendra Modi said to Fellow Indians”

In this letter, he further added that we have to make sure that all of the inconvenience that we are facing right now do not turn to any kind of disasters, as thousands of migrant people feeling depressed for losing his jobs and they are heading back to his native place, via cycling or riding on trucks for thousands of kilometers that is good enough to define the image of the coronavirus and the enforcement of the lockdown nationwide.

He also forced to Self-reliant India, and reiterate the same things with a message that He was fully aware of that there is a lot of things that are still needed to be done, and there are many challenges and problems that we have been facing and for that, I am working day and night.

Moving further, he said, Certainly this is the time of crisis but for us, this is also the time of firm resolve and assured the fellow Indians that our future and the present will never be dictated by the Adversity.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, our people already have started the golden chapter of the Indian democracy this last year by opting his second time in a row, If everything would be normal that you would find him in the midst of us, but due to the coronavirus, he won’t be able to do that, the reason being he was seeking our blessing with this letter.

In this letter he further mentioned that the has is rising gradually day by day, along with the dignity of the poor people, he also listed some of the steps taken by the governments and mentioned the surgical strike across the Line of control and the 2019 Airstrike Inside Pakistan.

Prime minister Modi also said that In Lok Sabha elections People of India not entirely vote for us but they are also expecting the image of the nation to go as high as peak, apart from this he mentioned about the throw away of the Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir and the Ayodhya Verdict of Supreme Court

He didn’t forget to mention the riots and moment of the chaos due to the citizenship amendment Act and said

It was an expression of India’s feelings and spirit of all.

He wrote that the all the policies and the decision made by his governments have eradicated the gap between the urban and rural, and its’ not possible to mention all the decision that our government took, but He wants to say that our government is working round the clock every day with full vigor.

He concludes the letter and said, On this pandemic crisis every country or even many people were thinking that it will worsen when the coronavirus hit us, but today our collective strength and the potentials of our fellow Indians turn to that way world looking at us.

Now Either it would be the Clapping and lighting the lamp and become the corona warriors by Indian armed forces, Janta curfew and most important the adherence of the nationwide lock down, we have shows that
“EK Bharat is the Guarantee For Shrestha Bharat”.

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