Minneapolis Clashed Between The Police And Protester After Death Of George Floyd During Arrested

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A Major Clashed Between the Police and the Protester in Minneapolis, where the protester was raising their voice where the George Floyd Was killed In an Altercation with the several Police officers.

Hundreds of People Gathered around the Minneapolis, this became the moment of the chaos when the police officers stat firing the tear gas to control the situation, this shooting took place inside the building near to the building where Floyd wad detained.

Floyd is the victim and a man who exclaimed that “I can’t Breath” as a police officer pinned him on the ground and put his knee on his neck, for almost the eight minutes, now the FBI has also intervened in this manner, And it is clear to see in the video that show a white police officer pinned a black man on the ground next back to his patrol car, with putting his knee on his neck.

That Black Person Said, ” Please, Please, Please, I can’t Breath, ” The man Begs, “My stomach hurts. My neck hurts. Please, Please. I Can’t Breathe”.

Even the other people out there try to intervene in this a man said, “You’re stopping his breathing right now, you think that’s cool? A woman Also said, His nose is bleeding. Look at his nose!”.

The Police officer didn’t take off his neck until the man goes silent, everyone was there asking for the officer to check his pulse, but that officer remains on his neck until the paramedic staff arrived.

Reason Being the Protestor start raising their voice against it with the banner that read, “I Can’t Breathe”, and “Jail Killer KKKops”.

In this riot the officers fired the tear gas and the rubber bullets, and people also confirmed the same on the twitter handles as well.

On this incident the US Representative Ilhan Omar D- Minnesota said, Shooting the Rubber bullets and tear gas on unarmed protesters when there are children present could not be tolerated on his twitter handle”.

The Polic Federation of Minneapolis stated a statement that the fired police officers were fully cooperating with the investigation and we must review all the video properly first, and wait for the medical reports.

They also added that the officers were responding to a report of a forgery and even they also found the suspect in his ar, but when they told him to get out of the car he did the same but then he physically resisted.

Not only this in this protestor group of the Rider from the Vital king, black motorcyclist club also accompanied with the protestor, with revving the engines over and over, raise the voice with the ear-splitting noise.

In this riot the protester threw water and milk bottles towards the officers, and also shouting “Pigs” and “how could you” later on on the response police officers also fired the green teargas and stun grenades to disperse the crowd.

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