Jordan Starting Slaps Electronic Wristbands On Arrivals To Ensure The Quarantine

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Jordan Began Putting the Electronic Bracelets Saturday On Travelers Who recently have arrived in the Kingdom in order to ensure that they observe home Quarantine Against the Transmission of Coronavirus, according to the officials.

Whoever will arrive in Jordan must isolate for the 14 days at the hotel designated by the Authorities on the shores of the Dead Sea, Which is west of the capital Amman, After the completion of 14 days periods they must self-isolated for an additional 14 days at home as well, Said by Nizar obeidat to the spokesman for Jordan Virus Taskforce.

He also added that the State has started Al-Mamlaka Television That Uses the Electronic bracelet for self-isolation at home, Just in order to ensure quarantine rules are respected or not.

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Jordan already had taken and imposed the tough measures, and they have induced the curfews and the deployment of the drone, to curb the spread of Covid-19, Before easing policies in early June. However, this kingdom has registered 1,147 cases, along with the 10 deaths so far, but the health authorities have almost reported the daily new cases among Jordanians and foreigners entering the country.

Not only this they have also maintained measures such as social distancing and the compulsory use of the face mask in the public area, and if they found anyone violation this the will take stern action against them as well.

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We have seen several countries around the globe as started to the electronic tracking devices and smartwatches which are connected with special apps to contain the spread of this pandemic, In Mach Hong kong also started the same and put the electronic bracelets for all arrivals just to monitor the observance of quarantine.

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