Israel Announced The Corona virus Antibody Breakthrough Gave The Rays Of Hope

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We are facing a crucial time worldwide at this moment due to the Corona Virus pandemic. However, on Tuesday we are getting a positive sign from the Israel Researchers as they have made significant progress in isolating an antibody and vaccines for this Corona virus, which is dominating all over the world.

However, on the other hand the las alamos National Laboratory, they have found a new strain called the D614G Which is more dominant than the corona virus.

The Israel institute said kit is still under the process and it hasn’t been tested on animals or humans yet, and it has to clear the three key clinical components.

The Israel Institute Of Biological Research and they made the three key feature of this antibody, as it is the monoclonal antibody which means doesn’t have the harmful proteins which make the antibodies difficult to use.

Second, these antibodies can neutralize the corona virus inside the body.

As we know that we are getting various mutations of this virus worldwide, and according to the Israeli researches they tested this on the aggressive strains of the Corona virus.

They stated that As far as we know, according to comprehensive scientific publications from around the world, the Biological Research Institute is the first in the world to achieve this and step forward in these three parameters at the same time.

While they are planning to test this on the animals and eventually humans beings as well, This announcement raises the ray of hope in the darkness where worldwide scientists and the organization looking for the vaccine for Covid-19 and it seems like that now we can tackle this Corona virus.

However, they acknowledge, This is an important milestone, but afterward comes complicated tests and a process of getting regulatory approval. Per an assessment by the institute’s scientists, this technological breakthrough is poised to short the process, which will go on for several months.

But at this point every country has a focus on Israel for the corona virus-related project as it is spreading like wildfire.

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