Hongkong Disneyland will close again on Wednesday due to Corona virus

The number of people infected with the corona virus is continuously increasing in Hong Kong. Due to the increasing number of patients getting infected, the Walt Disney Company has taken a big decision. In view of the Corona epidemic crisis, the Walt Disney Company has announced that Hong Kong Disneyland will be closed from Wednesday.

They also informed that all their resort hotels in Lantau Deep campus will remain open and this closure which will be of temporary form is being done only as per the rules of the government.
The Walt Disney Company stated that their Hongkong Disneyland is currently being temporarily closed indefinitely. As soon as such instructions are received by the government that the number of corona patients is not increasing or the condition of corona is under control, we will start our theme park again.

Hong Kong’s frequent intervention and new laws have led to protests by local residents in Hong Kong for a long time and this has also adversely affected the tourism system here. Let us tell you that Hong Kong-based Disneyland is the smallest theme park of the Walt Disney Company with about 5000 employees.

Walt Disney Company was doing good business here, but since last year, due to new laws imposed by China, there are many problems. The level of tourism has reduced considerably and the Walt Disney Company is incurring losses continuously. However, it has been almost 5 years since Walt Disney Company has run the theme parks and hotels and resorts here.
The government holds 53% in Hong Kong-based Disneyland. Hongkong Disneyland was closed earlier this year in January due to compassion rain. Let us tell you that it was reopened in May but it is being closed again due to the ever increasing corona infection. This is a big step also because most of the people who come to Hongkong Disneyland prefer to come with their family. And it is a very attractive tourist destination for children. Because Corona virus has maximum effect on older people or children, Disneyland is being closed again for such a long time, possibly due to safety concerns from corona.

Hongkong Disneyland will close again on Wednesday due to Corona virus 3
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