Donald Trump vs Stormy Daniel :Court directs Donald Trump to give Stormy Daniel $44000

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As already known, there is always some dispute between the President of America Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels. In this sequence, the California court ordered Donald Trump to pay porn actress Stormy Daniels about $ 44100 within a week. Donald Trump vs Stormy Daniel in the legal way is making news across the town these days.

Donald Trump and Stromy Daniel
Donald Trump vs Stormy Daniel : Legal Battle

Let us tell you that Stormy Daniels has been receiving legal help for the past 10 years about the brokerage to keep quiet about her sexual relations.

Donald Trump vs Stormy Daniel : Legal Battle

Earlier, the President’s lawyer Michael Cohen paid about $ 130,000. As soon as the election was over, Stromy Daniels filed suit again to cancel the agreement made by the president’s personal counsel.

From the early days, Trump and his supporters protested that Daniel Trump had been paid in any way, but later President Donald Trump himself accepted this in May 2018 via Twitter.

This decision is granted by a Los Angeles California court on a case that was imposed by Stormy Daniels on Donald Trump before the 2016 presidential election. The condition of this case was that the party who loses the case will pay the lawyer’s fees.

Soon after winning the case in the same order, Stormy Daniel wrote another win on Twitter. Continued accusations continue about Donald Trump vs Stormy Daniel: Legal Battle on Twitter and other social media platforms among Trump’s supporters and Stormy Daniel’s supporters.

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