Donald Trump Accused China This Virus Is A Attack And More Worse Than The Pearl Harbour and 9/11

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The cold war between the Us and China Still going on, where the US continuously accusing China of transmitting the Coronavirus, Which hit us Population so hard, according to us its an attack from China, and this is the worst attack ever, on the country, and said it is worse than Pearl Harbour and 9/11 terror attacks.

Us is one of the countries where corona virus hit them so hard and till now the total 1,263,224 has been reported and the death ratio has reached up to the 74,809 and also recovered patient is 213,109

He said, that this is the worse attack that we’ve ever had and this is worse than the pearl harbor and the world trade center. We never face this kind of situation ever, and it should have never happened. No matter what it could have been stopped at the source and in china, but it wasn’t, Trump said.

Not only this the Us Secretary of the State, Mike Pompeo said in a TV interview that there is nothing to think about it and it is crystal clear that it originates from Wuhan.

Pompeo said, We have faced a lot, and I think the whole world can see now, and remember that China has made the history of infecting the world, and they do have the history of running inferior laboratories”.

Us President Not ready to admit anything as he already had said on April that china has to face the “consequences” If found responsible for the transmission of the Pandemic Coronavirus, as everyone knows that it originates from Wuhan now it’s domination worldwide, we already have lost lives and still, it’s going on.

He further said, if it was was a mistake, a mistake is a mistake. But if they were knowingly responsible for it, yeah, then there should be high consequences which they will face too.

It’s pretty clear with this message as when all things will be the normal US certainly take necessary action against the china and it could be possible that both ended up with the worse situation than this.

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