Covid-19 Vaccines Is Being Tested On Volunteers Pfizer And BioNTech

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Corona Virus has become the more dominant all over the world, and more than 3 million infected cases of the coronavirus already have been reported and it has knocked down the almost 254000 death, but we won’t bow down in front of this and the ratio of the recovered person is 1184625 from this virus.

It also has seen that in many countries there weren’t enough beds to take care of patients and even doesn’t have the land to bury them, as the ratio of the death on daily basis is more than expected, that’s the reason they had to resort to refrigerate for the overflow of death.

However, the World Health Organisation is still working for the vaccine, On Tuesday The laboratory of Pfizer and BioNtech SE Start the test of COVID-19 on the initial volunteers in the United States and they administered the Vaccine BNT162 and trying to determine the safety and immune response of the human body against this and what would be the amount to use per dose, these all question is still unclear and they are hoping that this trail base vaccine will bring all the answer.

For this Clinical Trails, Phizer and BioNTech took up to the 360 healthy volunteers and divided them into two groups between the age of 18-55 and the 65-85 years old, however, they are always ready for the precaution major as this virus most infected the Old age people easily, so they only immunized once the vaccine shows the significant evidence of the dose administered is safe for use.

The BNT162 Trials Is a part of the Global Development and it started on 23 April 2020 In Germany in which the main ingredient is mRNA, which already has been used in Clinical Trials too.

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