Bald Men Could Be The Easy Target Of Corona Virus, They Carry The Hormone Allow To Attack The Cells

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A strange revelation From the Spain High Authority Study said or believe that the Baldness is the perfect carrier of the severity of the people who are suffering from the Covid-19.

The Brown University’s Professor Carlos Wambier Who examine this with the two studies in Spain and found that the High number of men with the Baldness was taken to the hospital and later found the Corona Positive as well.

In this study, They found that 71 % of the 41 patients were examined with this Covid-19 In Spanish Hospital and they were bald or having the background of the baldness with a similar age to 31 and a total of 53%.

On the other hand, the second study shows that 79% of the 122 males suffering from the Coronavirus In the Madrid Hospitals were bald, and this revealed by the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology.

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According to both study they came upon the results that the male sex hormones Contribute to the hair loss and also allow the Coronavirus to attack the cells, the male hormone Androgen is the reason for men to become bald and grow older.

This Invention named the Gabrin Sign, when the Us Physician dies of the Illness in the US Dr. Frank Gabrin he was also a bald man.

Even this Hormone also Suppressing the potency of the drugs used in the COVID-19 which all the more suffer time for the patient to recover from this.

Meanwhile the other study in Veneto, Italy where the 9,280 patients who were struggling with prostate cancer and the deprivation of the androgen therapy were only a quarter more likely to become ill with this COVID-19 than those the other treatments.

People who were 80 or over this were seventy times more likely to die than those people who are under the age of 40, according to Public Health England.

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