A Single Person Infected 533 Other People Corona Positive At A Factory

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One Infected Fish messed up the entire pond and this is proved by the fish processing plant in Ghana.

According to the country’s president Nana Akufo Addo Said, hundreds of factory workers at a fish processing plant have been found positive for the coronavirus and all 533 people get infected from one worker at the factory in the port city of Tema.

However, he didn’t clear the next further details about the operation and what measurement would be taken for this situation with this mass infection and confirmed cased the west African has reached up to the 4700 and 22 people have died due to this virus since this outbreak emerged.

Apart from this Ghana has done almost the 160,000 tests and just add this up they have started seven new testing centers as well, even the president also said.

The Confirmed cases are increasing day by day and the more people we test in order to find out if they have a virus or not, the more person we will discover as Corona positive.

Like the other country they also have lifted the lockdown in some phase for three weeks, but they have extended the existing ban on public transport and gathering everything will remain closed till the next announcement.

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