3400 Kids Infected With Covid-19 In Orange County Florida

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According to the Florida Department of Health, which is also called the Orange county the rate of the Corona virus-positive cases for the Children is approx 9.2% as compared to the overall 5.3%.

However, the doctor said that children can fight with this coronavirus very well and they can get over with this soon, as compare to the adults.

The Orange Country had the most cases of children which is followed by Osceola County and then the Volusia County.

The Officials said that we are only testing the children if they are having any symptoms, or they are very ill or about to undergo any medical procedure, but on the other hand the adult are continuously getting tested before going back to the jobs or they have any symptoms of it.

The Florida Department Reports say that more than the 3,400 kinds already have been infected who are under the age of 18 since March 1 but luckily none of them lost his life.

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Dr. Kenneth Alexander which is Chief of pediatric infectious Diseases said that There might be a lot of more kids out there who might be carrying small amounts of the virus without a whole lot of symptoms.

These reports said that out of the all tested half of the children were below the age of 10 and the only 6% were under 1 year old.

Out of these children only the 10 children so far who showed some multi system inflammatory syndrome and the rare complication with this virus, and they belonged to the Broward, Clay, Collier, Duval, Dade, and Palm Beach.

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