UP Weekly Lockdown News Update: Saturday’s lockdown ends in UP

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UP Weekly Lockdown News: Currently till last week in Uttar Pradesh, both Saturday and Sunday were covered under the lockdown for weekly close. But now Saturday’s lockdown in Uttar Pradesh is over. Now there will be a weekly lockdown only on Sunday and there will be no lockdown on Saturday.

UP Weekly Lockdown News Update

The economic recession was expected due to the lockdown in the country for a long time. Industry, business and general life were also affected due to the lockdown. For this reason, now the central government is not able to do anything special for the states in terms of providing economical help. Keeping all these in view, it has been decided to give a fast move and a new direction to the economy thats why now Sunday will be the only day for the weekly Lockdown. The decision was taken today on Tuesday when Honorable Yogi Adityanath Chief Minister Uttar Pradesh was discussing and reviewing the unlock system in UP in a meeting. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said that all the schemes of development in Uttar Pradesh are dynamic and should be made more effective by monitoring them.

UP Weekly Lockdown News : Shops will Open From 9am to 9Pm

Apart from this, due to the continuous increase in the case of Covid-19 in the capital Lucknow, taking a quick decision on this, Honorable Chief Minister has ordered that about one and a half lakh tests should be conducted daily. Apart from this, it has also been instructed that all district officers and chief medical officers of the state should monitor the progress of works by holding a review meeting daily in the control room and intensify the ongoing campaign against Covid-19. It is said that the shops can open on week on days only from 9am in the morning to 9pm in the evening as stated in Amar Ujala News.

According to the information received so far, school colleges, cinema halls, etc. will remain closed. And a team of medical experts will be formed which will give proper advice to the people by AYUSH Ministry Digital App and the digital media to address the health related problems of the public.

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