Stores And Groceries Have Been looted During The Fight Between The Police And The Protesters At Minneapolis.

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Stores and Groceries have been looted during the fight Between the Police and the protesters at Minneapolis. The fight Between the Police and the protesters does not seem to be ending. And due to this incident, a black man called George Floyd lost his life in an argument with a police officer.

Sources said that the man was requesting a police officer to take his hand away from the victim’s neck as he can’t able to breathe properly. After the death of George Floyd who was killed in police custody, the situation goes out of control.

A whole bunch of people came out of their place and protest against the police officer at Minneapolis. And at the time the situation went out of control then, the police officers decide to call the force and take the charge of the whole situation by controlling the crowd by firing tear gas and rubber bullets to them.

During this chaos between the police officers and protestors, some looters took advantage of the situation and stole televisions and groceries from the target store near Minneapolis Police’s 3rd Precinct building as the protests continued Wednesday in order to response the death of George Floyd.

Social media accounts and local news channels are showing the live footage of the second night of protests and riots break out in Minneapolis. Looting, tear gas, fires, standoffs with police, and these protests are now spreading to Los Angeles, as the result of a brutal death of George Floyd by police officer Derek Chauvin

After the incident took a certain height Chauvin and 4 other officers were fired. As soon as the incident comes into the contact of senior officers and media, Chauvin and 4 other officers were fired. The officer was caught on video where he pressed his legs against the neck of a handcuffed black man who complained that he could not breathe and died in police custody.

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey made a statement where he said:

“The officer should be charged according to the law but, in the meantime, it has indirectly encouraged the protests, which are by many social media accounts, becoming intense.” and he requested the users that they do not create hype.

After watching the overall situation that took place in Minneapolis and now the same thing happening at Los Angeles too. I don’t this is going to end up shortly. Comment down below what you guys think about the whole situation.

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