PUBG Mobile APP banned in India along with 118 other mobile apps

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PUBG Mobile App is a very popular game among the youth in India. The Government of India has banned PUBG Mobile, including 118 other apps, on China’s claim in Ladakh. According to the government statement, this step is in the interest of India’s sovereignty and integrity. The government has taken this decision keeping in mind the defense and security of the country.

PUBG Mobile APP banned in India along with 118 other mobile apps

According to the data, there are around 33 million active PUBG players in India. 13 million of which are included in daily users.
According to the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, PUBG mobile games have been banned under Section 69 of the Information Technology Act on the grounds that they were engaged in activities that would affect India’s sovereignty and integrity, defense and security, state And are prejudicial to the protection of public order.

According to a statement, the ban of PUBG Mobile will ensure the security of Indian cyberspace, India’s security, sovereignty.

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This step of the Government of India is in the interest of crores of Indian mobile and internet users.

The ministry said that they had received complaints regarding stealing, securely disseminating, and misusing India’s Sarwar and Internet data and some mobile apps on the iOS platform.

The compilation of these figures is mined by hostile elements for India’s national security and security, which is a very deep and immediate concern on the sovereignty and integrity of India. In order to solve these problems with certainty, along with 118 Apps, PUBG has also ordered you to donate.

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